Ola Electric to gift S1 Pro electric scooters to 10 more customers who cross 200 km on single charge

Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder of Ola cabs and Ola Electric has just announced that Ola will be giving away 10 more S1 Pro electric scooters to the customers that are able to cross 200 km riding range on a single charge. The 10 scooters will be finished in the Gerua colour scheme which came as a limited edition. The winners will be taken to Ola’s FutureFactory in June for the delivery of the new scooters.

The tweet also said that customers who are on the Move OS 1.0.16 were also able to cross the 200 km mark which is quite good. This is because the Eco mode was introduced from  Move OS 2.  The new riding mode helps in extracting most of the riding range from the battery.

The Move OS 2 is currently in beta and Ola Electric is currently testing it by rolling it out to a few users. The update is supposed to be a big improvement and bring in a lot of features. It is supposed to bring Hill Hold Control, Bluetooth connectivity, Cruise Control, music playback from the speakers, a navigation system, Eco Mode, a new mobile application and much more.

Ola Electric to gift S1 Pro electric scooters to 10 more customers who cross 200 km on single charge

Bhavish gifted S1 Pro to S1 Owner

Bhavish Aggarwal already has gifted an S1 Pro to an S1 owner who was able to cross 200 km on a single charge. The new S1 Pro was finished in Gerua limited edition paint scheme. The owner drove the scooter for 202 km after upgrading to the Move OS 2.0.

Ola Electric to gift S1 Pro electric scooters to 10 more customers who cross 200 km on single charge

Karthik is the name of the owner. He used Eco mode to achieve the 200 km of riding range. The scooter was used in the city as well as on highways. He also shared a picture of the display screen that shows the riding statistics of the scooter. The top speed that Karthik achieved was 48 kmph and his average speed was 27 kmph. The data was confirmed by Ola Electric by using cloud data. Once the stats were confirmed, the new S1 Pro was delivered.

Ola Electric starts upgrading scooters

Ola Electric has started working on upgrading the VCU or Vehicle Control Unit of their scooters. It is being said that the manufacturer is silently upgrading the VCU of the scooters that were manufactured before March 2022. So, it is expected that the scooters that are produced after March 2022 already come with the upgraded VCU. The new VCU is expected to come with more storage and more RAM so it should be able to accommodate more data and software upgrades. Moreover, because of the added RAM, it would have more processing power.

The issue is that the current VCU has limited processing power because of which it gets stuck with heavier tasks and the screen blacks out. The screen would not respond to the rider’s inputs. Essentially, the CPU started bottlenecking and the temperature would start increasing. So, the upgraded VCU should at least solve the issues with the touchscreen.

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