Ola Electric to launch its autonomous car by 2024

Earlier, Ola Electric released a concept picture of a car. Now, the manufacturer has revealed that they will be launching the electric car by the end of 2023 or by early 2024. They have already begun testing the new four-wheeler. In fact, they have been testing it for the past six months. Moreover, Ola’s electric car will come with autonomous technology.

Ola Electric to launch its autonomous car by 2024

Ola is aiming to price the electric vehicle around Rs. 10 lakhs so that it is affordable for most people. As of now, the most affordable electric car is the Tigor EV. It starts at Rs. 12.24 lakhs ex-showroom and goes up to Rs. 13.39 lakhs ex-showroom.

The electric scooter maker also showcased an electric cart as a demo vehicle. It featured autonomous technology that we will also get on the upcoming four-wheeler. Its top speed was 20 kmph and it was equipped with two LiDAR or Light Detection and Ranging cameras. There was also a video camera and a GPS. The cart would automatically stop when it detected a person in front of it and explored an alternative route autonomously.

Ola Electric’s scooter

Ola Electric to launch its autonomous car by 2024

Ola currently only has one electric scooter under its portfolio. It is called S1 Pro, they were supposed to launch the S1 also but that has been postponed and now will launch by the end of this year. However, Ola is now saying that they will be able to price the S1 at a lower price than what was previously mentioned. The S1 was priced at Rs. 99,999 ex-showroom and the S1 Pro costs Rs. 1.29 lakhs ex-showroom.

The S1 misses out on features like Hyper mode, Hill Hold Control, Cruise Control and voice assistant. Other changes include a lower battery output of 2.98 kWh as compared to 3.97 kWh. Because of this, the riding range is also lower at 121 km whereas the S1 Pro gets 181 km. The top speed is limited to 90 kmph, it can hit 60 kmph in 7 seconds and 0-40 kmph takes 3.6 seconds. When compared the S1 Pro can hit 60  kmph in 5 seconds, 0-40 kmph in just 3 seconds and has a claimed top speed of 115 kmph. Also, the S1 Pro gets more colour options.

Customers facing issues

Ola Electric to launch its autonomous car by 2024

A lot of customers of Ola S1 Pro are facing different kinds of issues. There have been reports of uneven panel gaps, damaged scooters being delivered to the customers, headlamp issues, inconsistent riding range, screeching noises etc.

Another major issue that was reported is that the scooter goes into reverse while it is in drive mode. This means that the scooter starts going in the wrong direction despite being in the correct drive mode.

Ola Electric to launch its autonomous car by 2024

A scooter even caught fire in Pune. Ola has recalled 1,441 units of the S1 Pro that were manufactured alongside the same batch as the one that caught fire. Ola is currently investigating the cause of the fire. They will be running diagnostics on the scooter. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.


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