Ola Electric Vehicle launch timeframe revealed officially

On the lines of launching the more affordable S1 electric scooter, Ola Electric announced that its first all-electric car will arrive in India in 2024. This all-electric car was already teased by Ola Electric in a few mild teasers earlier, and now Ola Electric has confirmed its development by releasing its first official teaser.

From the visual teaser released by Ola Electric, the car will have a dramatic four-door coupe-like design with a rounded roofline. The front profile is teased with a wide LED light bar stretched across the width of the bonnet. The Ola logo placed above this light bar also has an illuminated theme to it. The front bumper is also seen with big vents on both corners. Matching the front look of the car, the rear profile also has a wide LED bar for the tail lamp and an illuminated Ola logo. Apart from the dramatic coupe-like roofline, this car will also have an all-glass roof.

Driving range of 500 km

Ola Electric Vehicle launch timeframe revealed officially

According to Ola Electric, its first all-electric car will have a maximum driving range of more than 500 km on a single charge. The battery of this car is the first in-house developed lithium-ion battery for a car developed in-house by Ola Electric. It should be noted that Ola Electric recently invested a heavy sum in the in-house development of battery cells in India.

Ola Electric has not revealed many details of the powertrain and platform of this all-electric car. However, apart from its astonishing range, this first car from Ola Electric claims to have a 0-100 km/h timing of under four seconds, which is sportscar territory. With this, this car will become the sportiest made-in-India car at the time of its launch, says Ola Electric. The company also says that the coupe-like design and tweaks for enhancing its aerodynamics have resulted in a very low drag-co-efficient of 0.21 Cd, which is also expected to be the lowest among all made-in-India cars.

In addition to a promising performance and design, the first car from Ola Electric will also get autonomous driving assistance systems, keyless operation, handle-less doors and other advanced features. Like the current S1 Pro electric scooter, many of the features of this all-electric car will be operated via Ola’s in-house MoveOS software.

While this car is still some time away from arriving on the market, it is safe to say that it will not be a cheap offering, considering the promising performance and features it will have on offer. Expect this car to be priced between Rs 25-30 lakh once it launches in 2024. However, Ola Electric might also pull off a surprise by launching this car at an unbelievably low price.

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