Ola Electric’s chief marketing officer Varun Dubey quits

Varun Dubey, chief marketing officer of Ola Electric has quit the company. The exit of Varun Dubey was confirmed by Ola Electric’s spokesperson. According to the spokesperson, Varun left the company because of personal reasons. This is the third high profile exit from the company in the month of May. Before Varun, Arun Sirdeshmukh and Dinesh Radhakrishnan left the company.

Ola Electric’s chief marketing officer Varun Dubey quits

Varun joined Ola back in December 2019. He was appointed as head of the company’s financial services. Then in September 2020, he was appointed as Head of Digital and then a month later he became the chief marketing officer at Ola Electric.

All the marketing campaigns were led by Varun Dubey. He also used to interact with customers and people who were interested in Ola Electric’s scooter. He used to do this through social media and even during events. Because of this, he gained quite a bit of popularity.

Ola Electric’s chief marketing officer Varun Dubey quits

Before Varun, software head Gaurav Agarwal, Senior VP and COO Gaurav Porwal and quality assurance head Joseph Thomas have left Ola. CEO of Ola Cars, Arun Sirdeshmukh has also left Ola and now CFO Arun Kumar GR will be overseeing his duties as part of his expanded role. HR head Rohit Munjal, General Counsel Sandeep Chowdhury, Chief Operating Officer Gaurav Porwal and Chief Financial Officer Swayam Saurabh are some of the top executives who have left the company. Even Bhavish Aggarwal who is the CEO of Ola is slowly stepping down from day to day operations. He says that he wants to be more involved in engineering functions, team building and products.

Dinesh Radhakrishnan is one of the most recent people to leave Ola Electric. He was the chief technology officer for Ola Electric and he stepped in the place of Gaurav Aggarwal. The company needed him because the electric scooter started having software issues. He was able to resolve most of them and helped with the deliveries getting started. But the electric scooter still has quite a few bugs. Ola Electric has started pushing out the Move OS 2.0 software update to some of the users. The new version of the software is still in its beta stage. The new software update would enable features like music playback, cruise control, companion app, Bluetooth etc.

With all these high profile exits, it is still not clear what is happening at Ola. What will be the future of Ola Electric is still unknown, they are planning to launch more electric vehicles. Later this year, Ola Electric will launch the S1 which is a more affordable version of the S1 Pro. The manufacturer has also ramped up the production of the S1 Pro electric scooter to fulfil the demand. However, the S1 Pro is still facing a lot of issues. One of them even burst into flames. The government did launch a probe and their initial findings suggest an issue with the battery management system and battery cells were found to be faulty.


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