Ola Electric’s head of production quits; Marks 7th high-profile resignation

The streak of heads of various operations at Ola Electric seems to be never-ending. The latest resignation in Ola Electric has come from Nagi Reddy Satigari, who was handling the construction operations at Ola Electric. Satigari was also the man behind setting up the future factory of Ola Electric in Tamil Nadu, which is claimed to be the largest two-wheeler production facility in the world, capable of producing 10 million units of scooters a year.

Ola Electric’s head of production quits; Marks 7th high-profile resignation

The reasons behind Satigari’s resignation from Ola Electric are not yet known, much like those of the other high-profile resignations from Ola Electric in the past year. Satigari will now take charge as Chief Operating Officer at Alufit International, which is a façade fabrication company. Satigari has an experience of over two decades and was the man behind the completion of Ola Electric’s Future Factory in record 10 months from scratch.

Satigari is the seventh senior executive who has resigned from Ola Electric in the last six months. Ola Electric has appointed U Venkata Phani Kumar as a replacement of Reddy on its board of directors, who was previously working as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Hindustan Construction Company.

The resignation of Satigari has come after Ashok Saraswat resigned from the post of Ola Electric’s head of advanced battery engineering. Apart from these two people, the previous senior director and business head of Ola Electric’s charging network, Yashwant Kumar, also resigned in July, which was preceded by the resignation of Ola Electric’s HR Director Ranjit Kondeshan. In April 2022, previous Chief Technology Officer Dinesh Radhakrishnan and Director-Chief engineer Zoeb Karampurwala also resigned from their posts. At the beginning of this year, Pankaj Sharma, previous head of sales and distribution, also called it quits from Ola Electric.

New R&D centre

Ola Electric’s head of production quits; Marks 7th high-profile resignation

Apart from the Future Factory in Tamil Nadu, Ola Electric has also set up a new research and development centre for battery innovation in Bengaluru. Spanning over 5,00,000 square feet, this innovation centre has been set up with an investment of around $500 million and will be home to battery research operations at Ola Electric.

Ola Electric recently launched the more affordable S1 electric scooter at Rs 99,999. Apart from this, the India-based startup is also working on a premium all-electric car, which was previewed alongside the launch of the S1 electric scooter. Ola Electric also got selected under the Indian Government’s production-linked incentive scheme for advanced chemistry cell battery storage.

Earlier this year, Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal shared an image of a Li-ion battery cell. Bhavish claims that it is the brand’s first indigenously developed Li-ion battery cell. However, he did not reveal any details of the new product. Ola, like many other electric vehicle manufacturers, imports Li-ion batteries to India. However, it might change in the future as many Indian companies will work on made-in-India battery cells in the future.

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