Ola S1 Air Gen 2 electric scooter: First ride review out [Video]

The Bangalore-based electric scooter maker, Ola Electric, which currently holds the position of the country’s largest electric scooter manufacturer, has recently officially unveiled its most affordable scooter, the S1 Air. The company has introduced this scooter with a starting price of Rs 1,19,000. According to the company, this scooter is poised to challenge the dominance of the Honda Activa, and its development has been influenced by extensive feedback from their customer base. A recent video review showcasing the experience of riding this new scooter has been shared online, where the presenter delves into the various features of the vehicle.

A comprehensive first ride review of the brand-new Ola Electric S1 Air is now available on YouTube, courtesy of Techoob on their YouTube channel. The video commences with a glimpse of the Ola S1 Air in motion on the road. The main content then begins, with the presenter situated at the Ola Future Factory, the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturing facility. He proceeds to inform the audience that they will be test riding both the Ola S1 Air and the Pro variant at this impressive facility.

Ola S1 Air Gen 2 electric scooter: First ride review out [Video]

The video’s first segment discusses the Ola Electric’s introduction of an all-new color option for the S1 Air. The presenter highlights that this Neon color is accompanied by a dual-tone paint scheme and features a matte finish, a unique offering from the brand. The discussion moves on to highlight one of the most significant improvements in the Ola S1 Air – its flat floorboard. This innovation is made possible by Ola Electric’s Gen 2 battery, which is sleeker, more advanced, and offers an enhanced range.

Continuing, the presenter draws attention to a pivotal design modification – the front suspension. He notes that Ola Electric has heeded customer feedback and replaced the single-arm suspension with the more traditional dual telescopic suspension. Transitioning to another feature, the presenter opens the scooter’s storage compartment, revealing its 34-liter capacity, which can comfortably accommodate two full-sized helmets.

Ola S1 Air Gen 2 electric scooter: First ride review out [Video]

The focus then shifts to the touchscreen infotainment system of the scooter, lauding its 1000 nits peak brightness. Additionally, the scooter now features a more conventional and robust grab rail handle at the rear, a notable improvement over the previous generation of the Ola S1 Pro.

Subsequently, the presenter embarks on the scooter’s maiden ride, informing viewers that the Ola S1 Air boasts a top speed of 90 kmph as per the company’s specifications. He accelerates the scooter past 60 kmph and demonstrates its braking capability, attesting to its strong braking performance. He clarifies that the S1 Air is equipped with drum brakes on both ends. Furthermore, the presenter praises the scooter’s suspension system, noting its well-balanced and planted feel on the road.

Ola S1 Air Gen 2 electric scooter: First ride review out [Video]

Highlighting the economic benefits, he underscores that the scooter, based on the Gen 2 platform, is expected to save around Rs 2,199 per month. Concluding the review, the presenter delves into the pricing, indicating that the new Ola S1 Air has been launched at Rs 1,19,999.

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