Ola S1 owner explains how he managed to get 200 Kms on a single charge

Some people have been able to achieve around 200 km of riding range on a single charge on their S1 Pro electric scooter. This is quite impressive considering Ola Electric claims a true riding range of 135 km. Many people wanted to know how did the rider was able to do so. Here, we have a rider who completed 223 km on a single charge. He has shared his experienced on how he was able to achieve this kind of riding range.

Ola S1 owner explains how he managed to get 200 Kms on a single charge

He resides in Patiala, Punjab where the new Move OS 2.0 has not yet been released. He says that it is important to know how to hypermile. So, the rider should be well rested and he should have performed a trial run before doing hypermiling. It is important to plan route, speed, efficiency and riding range.

The rider first did a trial run to find the speed at which the scooter is the most efficient. He will be going from Patiala to Sangrur and then to Barnala. This will be around 180 km. For the last 15 percent of battery he wanted to be within city limits. The tyre pressure was set to 35 psi for the front as well as the rear.

Ola S1 owner explains how he managed to get 200 Kms on a single charge

In the boot he kept a water bottle, mobile charger and some packets of lassi. He suggests to keep the charger which he forgot. It is important that you carry the stuff that is important because unnecessary stuff will increase the weight and reduce the riding range.

In the trial run, he found out that he needs to extract 1.9-1.8 km/1% drop in battery to complete this challenge. So, he would need to ride at speed of 25 kmph which is too slow for 9 to 10 hours of riding. Such speeds are also quite boring and dangerous on highways. But he said to himself that it will be a test of his patience. He also changed the screen theme to dark and also kept the charger too. The route also needs to be familiar and easy to manage.

Ola S1 owner explains how he managed to get 200 Kms on a single charge

First, he went from his home to his office. He travelled 5 km by consuming just 2 percent of battery. Then he started around 12:25 pm, after covering 30 km his battery dropped 9 percent. He maintained 25 kmph speed. After covering 50 km, he took a break to drink water and lassi. His battery dropped by 18 percent and the battery level stated 82 percent charge with 112 km of riding range.

Then he decided to stay above 30 kmph. After covering 100 kmph, he had used 38 percent battery and still had 62 percent battery left. At 50 percent battery, he had covered 128 km and at 40 percent battery left, he had covered 150 km.

After riding for 7 hours 40 minutes, he had covered 169 km. He then had 31 percent battery and 31 km left to hit 200 km. His battery was at 16 percent when he crossed 200 km. Eventually, he was able to hit 223 km. The owner says that he will do the hyper mile test once again when the Move OS 2 is available for his scooter.


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