Ola S1 Pro customer tows electric scooter using petrol powered Hero HF Deluxe after breakdown [Video]

While Ola is moving ahead in terms of sales and bookings in India, there are numerous unhappy customers. The latest one is from Haryana and the person has posted a video of how his Ola S1 Pro stopped after he parked the scooter and he had to call for help to tow the scooter back to his home.

The video by Sandhu Vlogs shows a white Ola S1 Pro parked in the middle of the fields. The owner says that he rode the scooter to the field, parked it and went to do some work. When he came back, the scooter refused to start. The owner could not bring the screen alive even after pressing all the buttons on the scooter and finally had to call for help.

The owner also shows that the scooter did not unlock. As per the video, the scooter was charged to 55% when he took it out. He did not mention for how long he rode the scooter. However, he does say in the video that he faced a similar situation where he rode the scooter for 50 km on a full charge and could not cross 25 km in normal mode. There is no video proof of the same though.

Range under test conditions

Ola S1 Pro customer tows electric scooter using petrol powered Hero HF Deluxe after breakdown [Video]

Recently Ola introduced the new MoveOS 2.0 software update to increase the range of the Ola S1 Pro and also introduce new features to the two-wheeler. There are many taking challenges on Twitter to cross 200 km on a single full charge. However, the range depends on a lot of conditions.

To extract the maximum range from an electric vehicle, one needs to be very gentle on the throttle and ride it at a constant low speed. Also, factors like the weight of the rider and temperature can affect the range of the scooter.

Ola recalled scooters

Earlier this year, Ola Electric recalled around 1,441 scooters as a corrective measure in response to a fire incident in Pune. Ola Electric is yet to give an official statement regarding the cause of this incident. Apart from this, many incidents related to technical, software and quality issues in the Ola S1 Pro have come out on social media. Serious software issues, like scooters going in reverse at a high speed and the remaining range dropping down suddenly, have been reported in many parts of the country.

Unlike other electric two-wheeler manufacturers who sell their offerings through the conventional method of selling through dealer outlets, Ola Electric follows a direct-to-home delivery process through its authorized website.