Ola S1 Pro Electric scooter: Watch riders perform stunts on the scooter

Ola Electric launched their electric scooters in S1 and S1 Pro trims couple of months ago. The brand had started accepting booking for their S1 electric scooter and it received an overwhelming response from the customers. Ola recently announced that they will be starting test rides for the Ola electric scooter soon and the deliveries for the same is expected to follow after that. The brand has not announced a specific date on when the deliveries would start. A video of Ola S1 Pro Electric scooter has now surfaced online where a bunch of riders are seen doing stunts on the scooter. Ola chief, Bhavish Aggarwal had also shared a portion of this video on Twitter.

The video has been uploaded by Electric Vehicles on their YouTube channel. The video shows many Ola electric scooters on a closed road doing stunts. It is not known whether the team was shooting a video or were simply showing off the capabilities of the electric scooter.

A rider can be seen approaching a ramp carrying good speed and the scooter jumps off the ramp and lands cleanly. Then he turn the scooter around and jumps the scooter from the other ramp. Then the riders perform several stunts like wheelie, rolling stoppie and burnout on the electric scooter. It felt like the riders were having fun with the scooter. The riders are pulling off stunts effortlessly on the scooter and the scooter does not seem to struggling at all.

Ola S1 Pro Electric scooter: Watch riders perform stunts on the scooter

The Ola S1 and S1 Pro is priced at Rs 99,999 and Rs 1.29 lakh ex-showroom respectively. In terms of design, both scooters look almost the same. There is serious difference when it comes to the performance. The Ola S1 is powered by a 2.98 kWh battery whereas the S1 Pro gets 3.97 kWh battery pack. The S1 gets Normal and Sport mode whereas the S1 Pro gets an additional Hyper Mode.

The S1 Pro has a top speed of 115 Kmph which is compared to the 90 kmph top speed in S1. The S1 has a riding range of 121 kms with a fully charged battery while S1 Pro is claimed to have a range of 180 kms. Both S1 and S1 Pro electric scooter can charge batteries up in 18 minutes for 75 kms range using a fast charger. The S1 takes 4 hours 48 minutes to fully charge using a home charger while the S1 Pro takes 6 hours 30 minutes to do the same.

Ola is offering couple of more features with the S1 Pro scooter. Other than Hyper Mode, it gets Hill Hold Assist, Cruise control and Voice Assistant. The response from the buyers for Ola electric scooter was overwhelming. They had received over 1 lakh bookings for the scooter when they opened bookings before the launch. Ola is currently setting up a manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu which is spread across 500 acres. Ola plans to manufacture around 10 lakh unit from the plant annually and once the demand for the electric scooter picks up in the market, they will ramp up the production up to 20 lakh units annually.

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