Ola S1 Pro front suspension upgraded with new and more sturdy arm [Video]

After months of customer complaints, Ola Electric, the country’s largest electric two-wheeler brand, has finally begun replacing its old suspension with a new one. Recently, a YouTube short showing the process of changing the front suspension of an Ola S1 Pro EV scooter was uploaded to the platform. The owner of this particular vehicle recorded and narrated the entire process of changing the front suspension at their residence.

Aki D Hot Pistonz shared the video of the Ola S1 Pro suspension swap on their channel. The video begins with the creator mentioning that they had raised a complaint with Ola to upgrade their front suspension, which has been subject to breakage since the launch of the model. He then states that an Ola technician came to their residence and, as the first step, attached a center stand to the scooter which he brought with him.

Following this, the scooter owner states that they opened the box of the new suspension and inspected it before installation. Then the technician removes the alloy wheel of the scooter. The creator adds that he was shocked to see the complex tools brought by the technician to perform the job at their residence. Following this, the technician removes the bearing of the wheel, disc brake, and finally the old suspension arm by twisting it.

Ola S1 Pro front suspension upgraded with new and more sturdy arm [Video]

Next, the creator compares the old suspension with the new one, showing that the new front suspension arm now has a plastic covering on the inner part of the arm. He also adds that the new arm has a more solid structure. He then turns the suspension arm and shows that the new one has an indentation at the top for added rigidity. Furthermore, he once again shows the inner part of the arm and adds that the walls of the arm are also thicker in the new one. The technician then reassembles the entire wheel and front suspension.

For those unaware, just a few days ago, the company shared a picture on its social media platforms informing all owners that they can now get their front suspension replaced with a more sturdy front fork suspension. The company came to this conclusion after receiving numerous requests from customers across the country who asked them to change their weak front suspension after numerous reported incidents.

The company stated in its official statement, “As part of our continuous engineering and design improvement process, we have recently upgraded the front fork design to enhance durability and strength even further. To alleviate any concerns that you or any of our community members might have, we are giving an option to our customers to upgrade to the new front fork. For a seamless and hassle-free experience, you can book an appointment at your nearest Ola Experience Centre or Service Centre before visiting. This upgrade will be free of cost, and the appointment window will open starting on March 22nd. We will reach out to you with a detailed process for booking an appointment soon.”