Ola S1 Pro owner threatens legal action against Ola Electric for publicly sharing ride data

In one of the recent incidents from Guwahati, where a rider met with an accident due to a speculated software glitch, Ola Electric tried to mark itself on the safe side by releasing the telemetry data of the scooter crashed in the incident. However, this move by Ola Electric has not gone well with the scooter owner. The father of the person involved in the accident has sent a takedown notice to Ola Electric on this matter.

The case of the S1 Pro customer sending the takedown notice to Ola Electric is about the accident faced by the customer involving the S1 Pro, which happened a few days ago. On April 15, Balwant Singh from Guwahati, the owner of the Ola S1 Pro, tweeted that his son met with an accident on March 26 while riding the scooter due to a fault in regenerative braking. He added that the while approaching a speed breaker on the way, his son applied the brakes, but instead of slowing down, the scooter suddenly accelerated rapidly on its own. As a result, the rider fell off the scooter and suffered from a fracture in his left hand and 16 stitches in his right hand.

Ola shared the telemetry data on Twitter

Ola Electric responded quickly to this matter, and after a few days of investigation, made its result publically on its Twitter handle. In its tweet, Ola Electric published the telemetry data of the scooter while saying that the rider was over-speeding while the accident took place. The telemetry data shows that the rider was riding between 95 km/h to 115 km/h, and at the time of the crash, he had applied both front and rear brakes together in a panic, due to which the rider lost control over the scooter and fell.

Ola S1 Pro owner threatens legal action against Ola Electric for publicly sharing ride data

Irked by the fact that Ola Electric published the telemetry data without his consent, Balwant Singh put up a tweet, in which he stated that he sent a notice to Ola Electric to quickly take down the telemetry data as it violated the privacy laws. In his tweet, he added that he could not trust the telemetry data released by Ola Electric as its authenticity has not been verified by any law agencies or himself. He concluded his tweet by saying that if Ola Electric fails to take down the tweet, he will take legal action against Bhavish Aggarwal, the head of Ola Electric.

Ola Electric is yet to release an official statement following this allegation by the scooter owner. That being said, it seems that the tough times for Ola Electric are not going to end anytime soon.


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