Ola S1 Pro scooter completely stripped: This is what it looks like from inside [Video]

Have you ever wondered what an Ola Electric scooter looks like underneath all the smooth body panels on the outside? If so, this is the video you need to see. In this video, the owner of an Ola Electric scooter dismantles the entire vehicle to reveal all the important structural and technological components. Throughout the video, the owner explains each and every important component of the scooter and its functions and uses. The video is well put together and a must-watch for all EV enthusiasts.

The video of the dismantled Ola Electric scooter has been shared on YouTube by MasterMind Tech on their channel. The owner of the EV scooter starts with an introduction and mentions that in this video, he will explain all the advanced technological systems used by Ola Electric in creating this popular EV scooter. He adds that for this job, he will be opening up the scooter to give detailed descriptions of the function of each and every system in the scooter.

Following the introduction, the owner works off-camera to remove the exterior panels and then shows the entire scooter in its naked format. He mentions that the scooter is currently in a very dusty state, so he will first clean the scooter before starting with the main explanation. Following the cleanup, he then starts with the main component of any electric scooter, which is its battery. The creator mentions that the Ola S1 Pro features the biggest battery in its segment, which is a 3.97 kWh unit and hence has the most range. He then states that a bigger battery also equates to more longevity and finally shows the extent of the battery underneath the floor of the scooter and the rear boot.

Ola S1 Pro scooter completely stripped: This is what it looks like from inside [Video]

Following this, he shows the connections that come inside and go outside from the battery and mentions that Ola has made sure to use high-quality material for the job. He also states that the placement of the battery is low because of which the scooter has good body balance and braking balance. He then also shows the Battery Management System used by the scooter to manage the battery. Following this, he moves on to the next most important element of a good electric scooter, which is its motor.

The presenter mentions that Ola has used one of the most technologically advanced Internal Permanent Magnet Motor, which is known for offering good top speed and a smooth riding experience. He then adds that other older tech motors in the market only use three input wires, which are used to power the motors. However, Ola also uses a fourth wire, which is used for communication between the Vehicle Control Module and the motor. This communication allows the vehicle to maintain a healthy motor. He also states that this is especially important as Ola provides the S1 Pro with the biggest motor of any scooter rated at 8.5 kWh.

Following this, he also shows the motor all opened up and explains the entire working mechanism. After this, he shows the third most important component of the scooter, which is its VCU (Vehicle Control Unit). He explains that this can be considered as the brain of the scooter as it communicates with the entire vehicle to make sure each and every component is working in synchronization.

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