Ola S1 Pro stolen by packers and movers: Owner thanks Ola Electric for helping cops track scooter down

Almost all electric scooters get GPS onboard for navigation and connected smartphone features that allows the owners to track the status of the vehicle. Here is an incident where the owner used the location tracking feature to get back the scooter after it was stolen.

Anjali Pal took it to Twitter to thank Ola Electric and Jodhpur Police for getting the scooter back to her. A couple of days ago Ajani shared the details of her scooter and asked Ola Electric to help her track down the scooter. While she did not share the exact details, she shared a post again showing her standing beside the scooter and thanking Ola Electric and Jodhpur Police. The scooter was recovered from Jaipur, which is more than 300 km from Jodhpur.

It seems like the thieves planned to ship scooter in a cargo to a different city and packed it throughly. However, the police and the owner got to the thieves and retrieved the electric two-wheeler.

Many modern scooters including Ola Electric S1 Pro has the feature of live tracking. However, the owner Anjali revealed that she was not aware of the feature and Ola Electric helped her to track the vehicle.

GPS tracker can be installed in any vehicle

Ola S1 Pro stolen by packers and movers: Owner thanks Ola Electric for helping cops track scooter down

Installing a secondary anti-theft device in your vehicle is a wise precaution due to the increasing number of thefts. Despite the presence of immobilizers in modern vehicles, thieves can still use advanced tools to steal them. Steering locks, gear locks, wheel locks, and GPS trackers are all effective options in such scenarios. These devices offer a range of features, such as notifying the owner of unauthorized ignition and remotely disabling the engine.

Some even have a GPS fence that automatically turns off the engine if the vehicle passes a certain point. These anti-theft devices are available for all types of vehicles and require a small subscription fee to maintain the GPS and internet connectivity of the device.

There are numerous vehicles that have been recovered in the past with the GPS location and technology. Many high end cars have been recovered with the use of GPS too. GPS devices are hardwires to the vehicle and remain hidden from the sight of thieves. This ensures that these devices are not easily detectable.

Ola Scooters recently started replacing the front suspension of the S1 Pro after numerous incidents. The front suspension of the S1 Pro proved to be a lot weaker and disintegrated easily causing injuries to the rider.