Ola S1 Pro suspension breaks; Owner blames scooter quality

While Ola Electric is claiming to write new chapters of history and records with its S1 Pro electric scooter, the countless stories of quality issues, breakdowns and poor after-sales experiences faced by many of its customers show the other side of the coin. We have already reported numerous issues related to the S1 Pro, and here’s an all-new issue which has cropped up in the long list of problems the scooter is facing.

Update: Official statement from Ola

“Vehicle safety & quality standards are of paramount importance at Ola. Ola today has more than 50,000 scooters on the road. So far, our scooters have travelled over ~45 million cumulative km on Indian roads. The recently reported incidents of front fork breakage are due to isolated high impact accidents. All our scooters undergo rigorous quality and performance assessment across different terrains and riding conditions in India.”

In one of his recent Twitter posts, an Ola S1 Pro user named Sreenadh Menon posted a picture of his black-coloured Ola S1 Pro, in which he has shown the front part of his scooter broken.

The user claimed that the front suspension of the S1 Pro is extremely weak and got broke during low-speed riding. However, the user hasn’t mentioned the actual reason that caused the breakage of the front suspension, which along with the front tyre and wheel have got completely detached from the scooter post the accident.

Complained on social media

Ola S1 Pro suspension breaks; Owner blames scooter quality

The user has tagged the Twitter handles of Ola Electric CEO and Founder Bhavish Aggarwal and Ola Electric in his post, stating that the user has faced such a serious and dangerous thing during low-speed riding. He also added that Ola Electric should consider a replacement or design change so that people’s lives are not put at risk due to the poor quality of the materials used.

In support of his post, a couple of other Twitter users replied to his post, citing the same issue which Sreenadh had faced. One of those Twitter users posted a picture of a broken red-coloured S1 Pro on the same thread. This particular S1 Pro also had a damaged front end with collapsed front suspension and wheel.

Many quality issues

This new quality issue related to the Ola S1 Pro has cropped up at a time when the scooter is already plagued with numerous serious issues, such as battery dying out all of a sudden despite having remaining range and the scooter operating in reverse mode at a high speed without any prior warning.

Other issues such as no responses from the customer care of Ola Electric in case of a reported issue, irregular fit and finish levels and lack of responses from Ola Electric’s customer care in case of emergencies. Many users have even reported the non-responsiveness and poor service from the end of Ola Electric, in their course of after-sales experience.

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