Ola scooter ridden through flooded roads in Chennai after Cyclone Michaung [video]

Ola scooter in water

Cyclone Michaung that hit the coast of Chennai and Andhra Pradesh has left the city flooded. The cyclone did affect the lives of common man as the whole city came to a complete standstill. Heavy rains along with strong winds in the region flooded the low lying areas and the flood destroyed several cars and bikes too. We have come across several videos online where the level of destruction is evident in Chennai. We have seen people posing with expensive cars on flooded roads. Here we have another video where people are seen riding Ola electric scooter through flooded roads in Chennai.

The video has been shared by Ola Electric Chennai on X (formerly Twitter). This video is actually posted as a reply to Anand Mahindra who posted a video of a Mahindra Thar wading through water on flooded roads during the cyclone. In that video, Anand Mahindra called the Thar and Amphibious creature.

In this post, there are actually two videos. The first one looks like an old video from some other part of the country. In this video, a ride is seen riding a Ola S1 Pro electric scooter through a flooded underpass. The scooter is completely underwater. The instrument cluster, handle bar are all under water. The scooter is still managing move forward. The scooter is maintiaining a speed of 5-10 kmph and it slowly crawls out of the underpass. The rider seems to be happy with the performance.

The second video posted here looks like from Chennai. The video shows two individuals cruising through flooded streets in Chennai on the electric scooter. In both cases, the scooter is performing pretty well. In the second video, the water is just over the footboard of the scooter. The wheels and the motor is under the water.

Ola scooter ridden through flooded roads in Chennai after Cyclone Michaung
Ola scooter in water

It did not look like the scooter was struggling even a bit in both the videos. We have seen many videos where people riding bikes and scooters often get stuck on flooded roads after their two-wheeler stops in the middle of the flooded road. In this case, nothing like that happens. The main reason for that is because these are electric scooters. Unlike an ICE vehicle, they don’t need air to burn the fuel. There is no air intake and exhaust pipe.

The electric scooter works using a battery pack and electric motor. Both these components on most electric vehicles are dust and water resistant or water proof. This ensures that the functioning of these components does not affect even when they working under water. The electric motor continues to work and that helps the scooter move forward. It should be noted that this is an advantage that electric vehicles have over ICE vehicles. While this is an advantage, we wouldn’t recommend people to do such stunts to prove a point. If the water leaks into the battery pack of the electric vehicle, then the whole battery would either stop working or even catch fire. The water would also affect the functioning of the electric motor if water gets in. In the past we have seen YouTubers even submerge the Ola electric scooter in sea water to check if it performs well.