Ola unveils 4 electric concept motorcycles: All you need to know

The Bangalore-based electric scooter manufacturer, Ola Electric, has finally made its entry into the electric motorcycle segment. The company recently unveiled four new electric motorbikes during their inaugural Customer Day live event. The four newly introduced bikes have been named the Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster, and Diamondhead. These brand-new bikes signify the company’s endeavour to penetrate the rapidly growing electric motorbike market in India.


Ola unveils 4 electric concept motorcycles: All you need to know

Ola Electric unveiled its first EV motorcycle, the Cruiser. This marks one of India’s initial unveilings of an EV cruiser bike. The Cruiser by Ola Electric exhibits a laid-back stance characterized by its smooth body lines. The rider and pillion seats on the Cruiser merge seamlessly, presenting a sleek and modern appearance. According to the company, the Cruiser will offer an approximate range of 200-250 km, enabling it to serve both city commutes and short road trips. Notably, the Cruiser features a single swing-arm rear wheel and a USD fork-equipped front wheel, measuring 17 inches and 19 inches, respectively.


Ola unveils 4 electric concept motorcycles: All you need to know

Next in the lineup is the Ola Electric Adventure model, designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts. This off-road model is geared towards the adrenaline junkies of the country who relish off-roading. The Adventure model projects an imposing and upright stance, tailored for rugged terrain. The off-road model will come equipped with a 5-inch digital display positioned centrally on the handlebar. Additionally, the Ola Electric Adventure will feature 19-inch front wheels and 17-inch rear wheels to tackle uncharted terrains.


Ola unveils 4 electric concept motorcycles: All you need to know

Third in the Ola Electric EV motorbike lineup is the Roadster model. This model stands out as one of the most distinctive bikes in the lineup, boasting a deconstructed design that sets it apart from other ICE naked street fighters currently available in India. According to the company, this model has been crafted for everyday use. The Roadster is equipped with a dual-disc front brake setup and a single-disc rear brake setup. It also features a 5-inch display likely to incorporate mobile phone connectivity. An interesting note about the Roadster is that it was the sole bike demonstrated during the event held on August 15th.


Ola unveils 4 electric concept motorcycles: All you need to know

Last but certainly not least, Ola Electric unveiled its flagship concept, the Diamondhead, during the live event. This model presents one of the most unique bike designs in the country, characterized by its straight and strong lines as well as bold design choices. The model exudes a highly futuristic appearance reminiscent of Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck. The Diamondhead is targeted at the super sports biking segment and showcases a conical front, a digital dashboard, and a distinctive design language that collectively contribute to a unique riding experience. The front wheels boast dual discs, while the rear wheel features a single disc.

It’s important to note that the company has chosen not to disclose drivetrain information for any of the bikes at this time, indicating that these bikes will not be immediately available for purchase. However, it is highly likely that these models will disrupt the EV motorbike segment in the country once they are launched.

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