Ola’s Chief Technology Officer Dinesh Radhakrishnan quits

According to ET Prime, Dinesh Radhakrishnan has quit Ola Electric. Dinesh was the chief technology officer for Ola Electric. He left the company last week. In the past few months, many top executives from Ola have resigned and left the organization. It is still not clear what is happening at Ola.

Ola’s Chief Technology Officer Dinesh Radhakrishnan quits

Dinesh worked at Ola for one year. He joined last year in May and left the company recently. He joined as head of engineering. He led the development of technology functions for Ola Cars, the Used car business, Ola Dash, Ola Cabs and Instant delivery facilities.

Dinesh Radhakrishnan was transferred to Ola Electric by the chief executive, Bhavish Aggarwal when the scooter started facing software issues because of which the deliveries of the scooter were getting delayed. Radhakrishnan continued where Gaurav Aggarwal left. Ola did manage to start deliveries of the scooter but there are still quite a few bugs and missing features that Ola said that the scooter would come with.

Ola Electric has started releasing Move OS 2.0 Beta to some of the users for beta testing. The new software update includes features like cruise control, music playback through speakers, navigation, companion application, Bluetooth and much more.

Senior Executives leaving Ola

Ola’s Chief Technology Officer Dinesh Radhakrishnan quits

A few days ago, Arun Sirdeshmukh who was the CEO of Ola Cars also exited the company. This information was confirmed by an Ola spokesperson. Arun joined Ola last year in April. Before Ola, Arun was running the Amazon Fashion as their head.

Arun Sirdeshmukh ‘s duties will now be done by CFO Arun Kumar GR. He will be overseeing go to market functions as part of his expanded role.

Then there are other senior executives too. General Counsel Sandeep Chowdhury, Chief Financial Officer Swayam Saurabh, Chief Operating Officer Gaurav Porwal and HR head Rohit Munjal have already left the organization. Even Bhavish Aggarwal who is the CEO of Ola is slowly stepping down from day to day operations. He says that he wants to be more involved in engineering functions, team building and products.

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It was also expected that Amit Anchal, Chief of group strategy will also be exiting. But, Ola has confirmed that is not the case. He helped with fundraising plans for Ola and he was also supposed to lead the IPO plans for Ola. However, Ola’s IPO has been delayed.

Ola’s spokesperson said, “Amit is very much with Ola and definitely has not resigned. As Chief of Group Strategy and Corporate Finance, Amit remains a key leadership team member. He looks after all fundraising and investments across the group and in fact has been key in raising about $2 billion (in debt and equity) in the last 6 months alone and continues to focus on future fundraising as well as strategic investments”


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