Ola’s electric scooter launch timeline unveiled

Ola’s electric scooter created a lot of buzz when it was first unveiled and the bookings were opened. The manufacturer was able to gather over a lakh of bookings in just 24 hours. The booking amount is set to Rs. 500 and is refundable. Ola has now unveiled that they will be launching the scooter on 15th August at 2 PM. All the details and specifications of the scooter will be revealed on 15th August.

Ola’s electric scooter launch timeline unveiled

The scooter will be offered in ten colour options. According to the trademarks filed by the manufacturer, there will be two variants of the scooter. There will be ‘S1’ and ‘S1 Pro’ with Pro obviously being the higher-end model. The scooter itself is expected to be called the S-Series.

Ola Electric is taking a different route when compared to other manufacturers. There will be no dealerships as we see with every other manufacturer. Instead, the scooter will be delivered to the doorstep of the customer. The manufacturer has still not revealed how procedures like registration and insurance would take place but this should also get unveiled when the scooter launches.

Ola’s electric scooter launch timeline unveiled

The scooter should feel peppy considering it can hit 45 kmph in just 3.9 seconds. The top speed of the scooter is expected to be 80 kmph. It will also come with regenerative braking so whenever you brake, it puts some energy back into the batteries which would have been wasted otherwise.

Riding range

Ola’s electric scooter launch timeline unveiled

Earlier the scooter was spied and its screen showed 87 percent battery while the riding range was showing as 122 km. This is a very impressive figure. So, at a 100 percent charge, the scooter should be able to deliver 140 to 150 km.


The screen will be a touchscreen unit and will come with navigation, Bluetooth and connected features. It is still not known how the navigation would work. Whether the rider would have to select the destination on his/her mobile phone or will he be able to do it directly on the screen. The screen would also show other vital information such as battery level, the riding range, speed, odometer etc. Other features could include some kind of keyless entry. So, if you connect your mobile phone to the scooter ten the scooter should automatically unlock on your arrival.

Ola’s electric scooter launch timeline unveiled

Ola is also teasing a lot of boot space. Their advertisement shows a person storing two helmets under the seat. However, what is yet to be revealed is the size of those helmets. They also teased the reverse mode of the scooter. So, the scooter would be able to go reverse on electric power. This can come in handy when you have to take out the scooter from a parking space.


Ola is also working on installing 1 lakh hyperchargers in 400 cities throughout the country. Ola’s hypercharger would be able to give a range of 75 km in just 18 minutes. The battery itself should take around 6 to 8 hours to fully charge when using the household outlet. We would have to wait for the official launch so that the charging time and riding range can be confirmed.