Decades old Hindustan Ambassador restored with modern features

Hindustan Ambassador holds a special place in the hearts of Indian automobile enthusiasts. It is the first made-in-India car and even after it was discontinued from the market several years ago, there are fine examples running around on the roads. There are many collectors, enthusiasts and car lovers who own an Ambassador and many of them have also restored the vehicle to its perfect condition. Here is one such Hindustan Ambassador from Kerala that has been restored with modern features.

Decades old Hindustan Ambassador restored with modern features

The car belongs to Jinil Johnson and is located in Kerala. The car has been restored completely and almost everything in this vehicle is in stock condition. Even the front and rear bumper finished in chrome seem to be in stock condition. The car carries the old system registration with three letters, which means it is quite old but the owner has not mentioned the age of the vehicle.

Starting from the front, it gets a chrome bumper, stock chrome grille and the stock headlamp chrome rings too. The hood is in stock condition too. There is a front spoiler too, which completes the look. These were actually quite popular on the Ambassador.

Decades old Hindustan Ambassador restored with modern features

From the side, the windows still have the chrome line while the tyres get white walls that add to the premium looks. The wheels are painted blue, the same as the body colour, which again makes the vehicle look modern and sporty. There are quite a few auxiliary lamps in the front of the vehicle and there are additional horns too.

Decades old Hindustan Ambassador restored with modern features

Hindustan Ambassador in India

This is a first-generation Hindustan Ambassador, which is also known as Ambassador Mark I. Hindustan Motors in collaboration with Morris Motors, which then had become British Motor Corporation after the merger with Austin Motors, signed an agreement to manufacture the Morris Oxford series III in India. This is exactly the same car. The tooling and the machinery were transported to Uttarpara, West Bengal where the plant was set up.

The Mark 1 Hindustan Ambassador is truly a rebagded version of the 1956 Morris Oxford series III in India. The production started in 1957 and then it was replaced by the Mark II in 1962. While the engine powering these models is an Austin-derived 1.5-litre petrol engine. In 1959, the engine was replaced with a 1,489cc petrol engine that produces a maximum power of 55 Bhp. It is a BMC B-Series petrol engine. However, the engine powering this vehicle is an Isuzu diesel engine.

The Hindustan Ambassador was really ahead of its time and was one of the first cars to use monocoque chassis in the Indian market. At the later stage, in desperation to sell more vehicles, Hindustan Motors launched various body types based on the Ambassador including a pick-up truck and more.

The vehicle is also available for events as the owner has mentioned in his post. You can contact the owner directly for more details.

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