Old car vs new car crash test shows how much safety has IMPROVED [Video]

Car manufacturers around the world have come a long way in terms of technology and the cars that they’ve been offering. One of the important aspect that customers now have in mind while buying a car is safety. Manufacturers have a long way and are now trying hard to make their vehicles safer and are using high strength steel in the frame. Volvo is one of the manufacturer is famous for manufacturing some of the safest cars in the world. Here we have a video that shows how manufacturers have made cars a lot safer than before.

The video has been uploaded by 4Drive Time on their youtube channel. The video simply shows a crash test between old and new vehicles from same manufacturer and shows how much safer the cars that we drive these days actually are. First is a head on crash test of 1992 Nissan Tsuru and 2016 Nissan Versa sedan. The Nissan Tsuru sedan just crumbles after the impact. The A, pillar and the driver side door all just folds down like thin sheet of paper. The dummies placed inside also suffered serious damage. In Nissan Versa things were a bit more improved. The shell of the car retained its shape and the dummies kept inside also did not face much damage and the airbag also popped out in time.

Similar results are can be seen when a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air is put on against a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu sedan. They then show how a car has improved over a period of time. They conduct a crash test between a 1998 model Ford Fiesta hatchback and a latest generation Ford Fiesta. Both cars crashed together at 64 kmph speed and the results are entirely different for both cars.

Old car vs new car crash test shows how much safety has IMPROVED [Video]

The 1998 Ford Fiesta’s shell had collapsed, the driver cabin area has shrunk and even though the airbags got deployed, the damage done to the shell or the cabin made it bad for the passengers. The chances of a fatal injuries were pretty high in 1998 Fiesta whereas the latest generation Fiesta had its cabin intact, airbags deployed on time and kept the passengers safe.

This video shows how much manufacturers have achieved after years of research and development. Indian manufacturers are also concentrating on safety aspect and Tata Nexon was the first Indian car to get a 5-star rating at GNCAP crash test. It was later followed by Mahindra XUV300 and Tata Altroz, which also became the safest cars in their respective segments.