Old Bajaj Dominar vs new Dominar 400: Top speed run on video

In the past, we have brought many articles and videos of bikes and cars doing drag races and top speed runs in front of you. This time around we have the new 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 vs the old Bajaj Dominar. Before we start with the video let’s have a look around what all has changed in the new Dominar when compared to the older one. The main difference is the upside down forks, a twin barrel,  redesigned exhaust canister. Apart from these changes, the motorcycle features new rear view mirrors, a revised  instrument cluster with more information on offer, a larger radiator for better heat management of the engine and  dual channel ABS as standard.

Talking about the mechanicals, the single biggest change is the new, DOHC engine head, which allows the motor to make a full 5 Bhp additional power than the earlier version. Power and torque outputs of the 2019 Dominar are rated at 40 Bhp-35 Nm, up from 35 Bhp-35 Nm.

Now let us get to the video part. the video is uploaded by Ayush Verma on his YouTube channel. Bikes used in the video are both stock and no modifications are made to it. As the video indicated, the 2019 Bajaj Dominar is faster than the older one. In the first round, 2019 Dominar takes a huge lead right after the after. The rider can be seen revving the 2019 Dominar to the redline and touching the speeds of upto 166 kmph. the older Dominar which is left behind can be seen trying to catch up but can’t match the five extra horses that the new Dominar gets. It can be seen touching the speeds of upto 156 kmph.

Old Bajaj Dominar vs new Dominar 400: Top speed run on video

After the first round, riders exchange the bike and do the same thing again. Results of the second round are also not very different. Initially the older Dominar is in the lead for few seconds and then the new 2019 Dominar catches up. The result remained same, 2019 Dominar won, but this time around the difference between both the bikes was a lot lesser compared to the first round. this couild mainly be because of the riding technique of the riders. Both the riders have a different body structure, different way riding and may be differ in terms of weight. this is all could have resulted in the lesser distance between the bikes in second round.

Dominar is a comfortable motorcycle with sporty ergonomics and is a sports cruiser. It can comfortably cruise you around the country without breaking a sweat. The upgraded 2019 Bajaj Dominar is priced at Rs. 1.74 lakhs, ex- showroom Delhi and is definitely a value for money motorcycle.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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