Old Force Matador van beautifully modified for all-India road trips

Force Motors has been present in the market for a very long time. It is a popular brand in commercial vehicle segment. Force Traveller is one of the popular name in the market and it holds a major share in this segment. Even before Traveller became popular, Force used to offer another van in the market. Matador vans were once a very common sight on our roads and were used for both personal and commercial purposes. Over the years, market evolved and Force Motors had to discontinue this van from the market. Now, Matador vans have become a classic vehicle and there are people who are buying this old rusty van and modifying it for various purposes. Here we have one such video, where a Force Matador has been modified for road trips.

The video has been uploaded by Dajish P on his YouTube channel. In this video, the owner talks about all the modifications that have been done to the SUV. The owner starts by saying that, he loves old vehicles that are now labelled as classics. He owns a Hindustan Ambassador and has this Matador van with him. The owner also mentioned that he also has plans to buy a Contessa which is popular among car collectors these days.

He bought this Force Matador from Andhra Pradesh and when he bought it, the condition of this van was quite pathetic. The rubber beading around windows and many other places had started to melt because of excess. The main reason why he bought Matador was because he wanted to experience van life. He got inspired by some YouTuber and even painted his Matador van like theirs.

Old Force Matador van beautifully modified for all-India road trips

On the outside, the owner gave it an Orange and white dual tone paint job. It is similar to what we have seen in Volkswagen Bus in the past. The original paint job on this Matador was Blue. The headlights are not strong in this van so, he installed two auxiliary lamps for better visibility at night. The tail lights on this Matador are borrowed from Mahindra Jeeto. The rear has been completely sealer and only the glass portion can be lifted.

No other modifications are seen on the outside. As mentioned above, this is a work in progress. The front doors now gets manual window with wider. The sliding type window has been replaced only at the front. Inside, owner has installed reclining seats from a Force Traveller. Matador does not have AC so they had to install several fans inside the cabin. They also cut the roof at two places to circulate more air.

They have installed a TV, music system and induction cooker for cooking while they are on the road. Energy source for all these appliances is the solar panels that has been neatly installed on the roof. The owner mentions that, the engine on this Matador has not been a problem so far and he also plans to install a bed inside the van for future road trips. He did all these modifications post lockdown and now, will be resuming work on this project soon.