Old gen Ford Endeavour neatly modified into a hardcore off-road SUV

Ford Endeavour was one of the most popular full size SUV sold in Indian market. It competed with the popular Toyota Fortuner in our market. Ford Endeavour is a proper SUV with off-road capabilities and we have several videos of the same available online. Not just the current generation Endeavour, the older generation Endeavour was also popular in off-road communities. We have several modified examples of this SUV in various off-road groups even today. Here we have one such video, where an old generation Ford Endeavour was modified into a hardcore off-roader.

The video has been published by Modsters Automotive on their YouTube channel. The video shows how the SUV looked when it arrived at the workshop and takes us through the whole modification process. The modifiers had a vision to convert this Ford Endeavour into a hardcore off-road machine. As part of the modification several chnanges were to be made. The concept was inspired from Toyota’s FJ Cruiser SUV.

They start by replacing the front completely. The front grille was then fabricated in the garage. It has a design similar to FJ Cruiser. The front metal bumper is from Ironman and a snorkel was also installed. The bonnet was then redesigned and side body claddings were also designed. The ground clearance on this SUV has now increased. It now uses a custom made lift kit that was imported from Thailand and the wheels and the tyres were imported from Sri Lanka.

Old gen Ford Endeavour neatly modified into a hardcore off-road SUV

The car now gets projector type LED headlamp and LED turn indicators. An electronic winch is also installed on the front bumper. At the rear, a custom made metal bumper is installed with turn indicators and reverse lamps on it. The spare wheel is mounted on the tail gate and it also gets a custom made jerry can holder as well. Rock sliders or foot board on this Ford Endeavour were also made from metal. The fenders get flare so that the wide off-road tyres sit properly inside the body. The owner also wanted a set of auxiliary lamps so that was installed on the roof.

Once all that was done, a coat of putty was applied and then a coat of primer was sprayed on it as well. The car was then painted in matte metallic grey shade. This completely changed the overall look of the car. The paint job along with these modifications give Endeavour a proper off-road SUV stance.

It looks like, no changes were made to the interiors of this SUV. Ford Endeavour was available in both 4×4 and 4×2 options. The one seen here is the 4×4 version. The modifications only enhanced the off-road capabilities of the SUV. It was powered by a 3.0 litre turbocharged diesel engine that generates 154 Bhp and 380 Nm of peak torque. It came with an automatic transmission option only. Overall, the work done on this Ford Endeavour looks a neat and in comparison to other modified older generation Endeavour’s that we have seen in the past, this one looks different.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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