Old-gen Mahindra Thar winches out Jeep Compass stuck in sand

Off-roading culture is gaining popularity among SUV owners. We have several videos available online where group of SUV owners are seen exploring off-road capabilities of their SUVs. These groups are normally lead by experienced people who have knowledge about the terrain and off-roading. Getting stuck while off-roading is quite common and that makes these trips more fun. We have featured several videos on our website in the past regarding off-roading. Here we have another off-road video where a pre-facelift Jeep Compass is recovered by an old-generation Mahindra Thar.

The video has been uploaded by Small Town Rider on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger and his friends are on a road trip along with other SUV owners. They were travelling in a group to a camp location next to a river. After reaching the location vlogger and his friend go out to explore the place a bit in their Mahindra Thar. The drive on a gravel road for some distance and stop at a dead end.

They comeback and then go to a river bed with a Jeep Compass. It looked like the owner of this Jeep Compass had not made any modification to the SUV. They enter the river bed and start having fun. The area was filled with sand and one wrong move meant, the SUV was going to get stuck. The sand was wet in some parts which made it even more tricky. Wet sand acted like dirt and the car would simply dig in at these places.

Old-gen Mahindra Thar winches out Jeep Compass stuck in sand

Jeep Compass is proper SUV and comes with 4×4 as well. After driving on the sand for some time, the Compass accidently gets into the wet sand section and the front gets royally stuck. The driver tried reversing the SUV but, the tyres were not able to gain traction. The wheels started spinning freely.

Mahindra Thar was also at the spot but, the SUV was fully modified for off-roading. It had off-road spec tyres, more ground clearance and also had a winch. After couple of unsuccessful trials, Mahindra Thar helped Jeep Compass get out of the situation. The Jeep Compass was pulled out of the sand using an electric winch. Jeep Compass was badly stuck in the sand. The wheels were covered in sand and mud and they were all freely spinning.

It was getting dark and that is why it was important for them to recover the vehicle. After couple of minutes, Mahindra Thar successfully winched Jeep Compass out. Jeep Compass is a capable SUV and it can do off-road duties but, in this case, the SUV was running on stock tyres and alloys and that could be the reason why it got stuck. It is also not clear whether they decreased the tyre pressure before entering the river bed.  This video also shows why it is important to always go off-roading in a group. If Jeep Compass was alone in this situation, the driver’s would have been in a lot of pressure. In this case, they had a back up vehicle which helped them come out.