Old-gen Toyota Fortuner completely revamped inside-out

Toyota Fortuner is one of the popular SUV in the segment. It has been present in the market for over a decade and ever since its launch, it has grabbed attention from SUV buyers. Like any other vehicle from Toyota Fortuner also became popular for its reliability and low cost of maintenance. It is a capable SUV and competes with cars like Ford Endeavour in the segment. We currently have the new gen Fortuner in India which will receive a facelift. We have seen several modified Toyota Fortuners in the past and here we have a video that shows an old gen Fortuner completely restored inside out.

The video has been uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing the condition of the SUV. It is an older generation Fortuner 3.0 and it was in white colour. The condition of the SUV was not that bad but, the owner was a bit bored with the way it looked and wanted to repaint it completely. Brotomotiv then takes the vehicle to their garage and start correcting all the small dents and scratches that the SUV.

It had several minor dents and once that was corrected, a thin coat of filler or putty was applied on the SUV. After that, all the panels, doors, front grille, headlamps were all removed. The after the putty had dried, a coat of primer was sprayed and later a black primer was also applied on the Fortuner to find out even surfaces on the body. Once that was done, all the panels inside the cabin (dashboard, door pads, centre console, armrest) were all removed.

Old-gen Toyota Fortuner completely revamped inside-out

The Fortuner was then taken to a paint booth. The Fortuner was once again getting a white paint job but, it was different from the one that was there before. It is bit more bright than the older paint job. This is gloss white pearl paint which is seen in Kia Seltos. This is a three stage paint job. The first coat is the paint, then they spray the pearls and finally a coat of clear coat to give it a gloss finish.

After painting the body, all four doors, bonnet and the boot were painted. Side fenders were also painted separately to achieve factory finish. Once the exterior work was done, they start working on the interiors. It had a beige colour interior and the owner wanted something different here as well. The whole cabin as mentioned above was taken down and the panels were individually painted in black. This gave it a much more sporty look on the inside.

Along with the dashboard, grab handles, centre console and armrest, the front grille, chrome strip on the boot and the hood scoop were also painted in gloss black. The silver coloured alloy wheels are also painted black. Apart from this, the seats are all redone and they now get black upholstery with red stitching.  Overall, the SUV looks pretty good and the new paint job has definitely given it a fresh look without any doubt. The cost of painting an SUV of this segment would cost around Rs 75,000, excluding taxes. The price mentioned here is a basic price and would vary depending upon the demand and need of the customer.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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