Old generation Mahindra Scorpio neatly converted to look like S11 model [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio is one of the most popular SUVs in the country. It has been present in the market for almost 2 decades and the popularity for the same does not seem to come down. Few months ago, Mahindra launched the all-new Scorpio N in the market and it received an overwhelming response from customers. Mahindra did not discontinue the older version from the market and rebadged it was Scorpio Classic with minor changes. There are several modification options available for older generation Scorpio owners and one of them is converting them to look like S11 model. Here we have one such video of a Scorpio that has been neatly converted to look like Scorpio S11 model.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of the old generation Scorpio wanted to convert the exterior of the SUV into the latest S11 model. Along with the exterior, he also wanted the interior wanted to be customised as well but, did not want the interior to be fully upgraded. The Scorpio seen here is a 2012 model and the car was showing its age. As part of the modification almost all the panels on the car had to be replaced except the doors and the roof. The team starts by removing the bumper, grille, headlamps, bonnet, fenders, show grille and the side body claddings.

The claddings on the older Scorpio is different from the ones in later mode. Once this was done, these panels were replaced with the S11 model panels. The panels used for this project were all original from Mahindra as there is no other manufacturer who makes it aftermarket. Once that was done, the tail lamps and tail gate were removed from the SUV. This was done because the tailgate was slightly different in the S11 variant. The shape of the rear windscreen was also different in this SUV. The panels were replaced and after this process, the team ensured that all the panels were sitting in place properly and there is enough space between the panels too. The metal panels were all given a thin coat of putty to achieve an even finish.

Old generation Mahindra Scorpio neatly converted to look like S11 model [Video]

After this the next step of the conversion process starts. The owner wanted the stock Pearl White shade on his Scorpio so, there was no confusion in that part. They sprayed a layer of primer of the SUV. Once the primer had dried out, the car was then taken to the paint booth where it was carefully painted and cured. A clear coat was then applied over the paint to achieve the desired gloss finish. The headlamps, bonnet, bumper, fog lamps, tail lamps, tail gate were all sitting neatly in place and the SUV does not look like an older version anymore. The claddings were also replaced however, the alloy wheels remain the same. The interior on this SUV were also customised. It now gets a beige and brown dual-tone leatherette upholstery. The same theme is seen in the cabin as well. The door panels, dashboard and all the plastic panels are repainted and the car also gets steering mounted controls and an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment screen.