Old generation Mahindra Scorpio restored to look like a brand new car [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio restored like new

Mahindra Scorpio has established a remarkable legacy in the Indian automotive industry. It is one of India’s most iconic SUVs and has garnered a reputation for power, ruggedness, and versatility. Since its launch, the Scorpio has captivated hearts with its bold design and robust performance, earning the title of the “Big Daddy” of SUVs. The model is so iconic that despite being out for many years, people who own the previous generation models are still not selling them. Recently, a video showcasing the restoration of one such older generation Mahindra Scorpio has been shared on YouTube.

The video of the restoration of this Mahindra Scorpio back to its original condition has been shared by Autorounders on their channel. The shop is known for its skills in painting and restoring cars to their original conditions, and they are also renowned for performing facelifts and conversions on a variety of popular cars in the country. The video begins with the introduction of the Mahindra Scorpio that has arrived at their shop in Pune. Autorounders has workshops in Pune, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The owner of the shop mentions that this is the first Mahindra Scorpio that has come to their Pune workshop.

He then states that they will not be performing any facelift or conversion on this particular car, rather they will be restoring it to a like-new condition. He explains that they will be working on the car’s exterior and giving it a brand new paint job. Following this, the video shows the “before” footage of the car from all angles. The owner then showcases the car’s interior and mentions that, at the moment, it has some aftermarket leather seat covers. However, it is evident that these have not been fitted perfectly and are rather loose. He states that they will be changing the interior of the car as well.

Old generation Mahindra Scorpio restored to look like a brand new car [Video]

After the complete introduction and overview of the work to be done on the car, the Scorpio then moves to the disassembly area. Expert technicians begin dismantling the car and working on its body. They start by sanding down the existing paint and removing all the dents using special techniques and equipment. Next, they apply a layer of bondo to the car and sand it until smooth. Then, they apply the primer and move the car into the paint booth, where it is painted in the original factory white color.

Once the car receives its new paint job, it is reassembled, and the owner of the shop provides a summary of the work done on the car. He mentions that they have completed the entire paint job in their paint booth using the German brand Glasurit. He explains that while the exterior of the car has been restored to factory condition, the interior has been fully customized. He proceeds to showcase the car’s interior, highlighting the custom black and tan leather seat covers they have created, the addition of top model door pads, and the relocation of the window controls from the center to the doors. After the walkaround, the owner of the shop gathers feedback from the client who owns the car, and the client states that the job has exceeded their expectations.