Old generation Mahindra Thar rescues stuck 2021 Toyota Fortuner

SUVs are gaining popularity in the Indian market and globally. Car manufacturers have slowly started shifting their focus from sedans to SUVs due to increasing demand. Although, they are focussing on this segment, most of the SUV that are currently sold in the market are two wheel drive cars. Only a small portion of buyers opt for 4×4 SUVs and even smaller section from these buyers actually explore off-road capabilities of their SUVs. Off-roading is slowly gaining popularity and we have several SUV groups that organise off-road trips and we have feature some videos of this category on our website as well. Here we have a video where a 2021 Toyota Fortuner gets stuck in sand in Ladakh’s Nubra valley.

The video has been uploaded by We Luv Thar on their YouTube channel. The video shows a Toyota Fortuner that gets stuck in loose sand in Nubra valley and how it was recovered using an older generation Mahindra Thar. In this short video, it is shown how Mahindra Thar recovers Toyota Fortuner that is royally stuck in the sand.

Just like many others, it looks like the group in Toyota Fortuner was on a road trip after the second wave of Corona virus. The group had reached Nubra valley in Union Territory of Ladakh. Nubra valley is known for its scenic views Bactrian camels and sand dunes. The group was travelling in a Toyota Fortuner 4×4. It is the facelifted model that Toyota launched earlier this year. It looks like the group wanted to try off-road capabilities of the Fortuner and they moved away from tarmac and tried entering the sand.

Old generation Mahindra Thar rescues stuck 2021 Toyota Fortuner

It is not clear whether tyre pressure on the SUV was lowered or not. The SUV looks in stock form and as it was entering the sand, it got stuck in it. The SUV was not going to the front or rear. When the video starts, Mahindra Thar guys have already reached the spot and had started helping Toyota Fortuner. Thar had tow rope in it and it was tied at the rear of the car. The Fortuner was then slowly pulled out of the sand without any problem.

Toyota Fortuner is a capable SUV but, we have mentioned in another article that the 2021 Toyota Fortuner come with Highway Terrain tyres which are not suitable for off-road. That could have been one of the reason why it got stuck in sand. Driving off-road is entirely different and tricky. If you are driving off-road for the first time, it is always recommended to have an experienced driver with you who can guide you during the drive.

Another important rule of off-roading is to not go alone in such adventures. Getting stuck while off-roading is quite common but, if you get stuck while off-roading alone, things can get worse as there is no backup vehicle to recover your SUV. In this case, the Fortuner was on sand near road and that is why Mahindra Thar could easily spot the SUV and recover it.