Old Honda City facelifted into new shape model: Resto-mod on video

As it stands the mid-size sedan City from the Japanese automotive giant Honda Motor Company is the best-selling sedan in its segment. the car has been around for ages and currently is in its fifth generation. The car has proved its reliability and quality for many years and for this reason people are still driving their older generation models. Recently a video of a fourth-generation Honda City’s conversion to a newer fourth-generation models facelift has been uploaded on YouTube.

The video of this transformation has been uploaded on YouTube by Autorounders on their channel. The shop is known for working on projects like these for a number of years now and they have workshops across India. This particular Honda City came to their Pune facility and the owner of the shop introduces the car and the work that will be done on it in the video. The video starts with the owner first telling that the response that they have got on their newest facility in Pune is outstanding and they have a ton of vehicles already to work on and shoot videos on. He then shows a number of Innovas in the parking lot that are there at the shop.

Following this he starts off the Honda City and reveals that this particular car has come to them in Pune all the way from Karnataka. He then tells that they will be giving this car a facelift. He states that for this facelift the headlights, bumpers, fog lamps and the front grille will be changed. He mentions that there will be no change of bonnet and fenders on the car and they will repair and reuse them. The owner of the shop also tells that they will be using high quality materials for the full paint job of the car which they import from Germany and France.

Old Honda City facelifted into new shape model: Resto-mod on video

Moving on he then shows the interior of the car and states that the interior is in a very poor state and they will be completely customizing it. The presenter shows the worn out seats and steering wheel of the car and tells that he asked the owner why did they not get it repaired before. He mentioned that the owner wanted this car to be worked on in Autorounders itself and he waited until the Pune facility opened and after it opened he brought his car their. Following this the process of the conversion starts on the Honda City.

The car then gets completely disassembled and the repair work on all the body panels begin. The technicians strip the paint of the areas where the cars has dents and then they repair them with specialized dent removal tools. Following this the car then gets filled with filler putty and sanded before heading down to the paint booth for full paint job. The car then gets painted in the same brown color as before and after that it gets completely assembled. The fully custom Tan and Black leather interior is also shown in the video in the after scenes.