Old Honda Civic painted in Mahindra XUV700’s Electric blue looks smashing [Video]

The Japanese automotive giant, Honda, may have discontinued the D-Segment sedan Civic in India, but the love that this sedan still receives is unparalleled. The Civic’s first generation was launched in India in 2006, and many models from that era are still running strong. Recently, a video of the restoration of one such Civic was shared on YouTube, showcasing a complete makeover of the exterior and interior, resulting in a stunning vehicle.

The video of the restoration was shared on YouTube by Autorounders, one of the most popular shops in the country, known for their expertise in restoring and converting old relics of the Indian automotive industry. In the video, the owner of the shop introduces the Civic, calling it a legend in the Indian automotive industry, and stating that it was one of the most sporty cars to be launched in India in 2006. He adds that even today, it looks as fresh as new, with a futuristic-looking interior that gave it a feeling of driving a fighter jet, as everything was so driver-focused. He even shares a picture of his own white Honda Civic.

The owner of the shop then proceeds to describe the Civic that has come to their shop for restoration, mentioning that the car is heavily damaged, with many dents on its body panels and bumpers. He adds that the paint is peeling off from many places and that they will have to fix everything. The owner then reveals that the car will be painted in Mahindra XUV700’s Electric Blue paint and will get a unique Bronze color for the alloy wheels. The video shows the car getting disassembled and heading to the paint booth, where the electric blue paint is sprayed onto the car.

Old Honda Civic painted in Mahindra XUV700’s Electric blue looks smashing [Video]

Next, the owner shows the interior of the car, which has been completely changed from beige to black, giving it a more sporty feel. All the seats have been reupholstered in black leather with red stitching, and the steering wheel has also been wrapped in pure leather, along with gloss black elements. The owner also reveals that they have added a black roof liner to the car with the same material used in premium luxury vehicles like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. Outside, they have added aftermarket headlights and have smoked the rear taillights with a film to give it a more sporty look.

Finally, the presenter mentions that this client had already sent this vehicle before for mechanical work, and then decided to drop off the car for the paint job. He adds that after he picks up this car, he will be leaving another car with them for a repaint. The owner of the shop then takes the feedback of the owner of this Civic, who says that the job has been done beyond expectations, and he is extremely happy with the results.