Old Hyundai Creta to NEW Creta for just Rs. 16K: This video explains how

Manufacturers launch the facelifted versions of the vehicles to keep them fresh in the market. However, with every update, car owners think that their vehicle has become obsolete. How exciting it can be if an old vehicle can like the new facelifted model with minimal expenses? Well, here is a Hyundai Creta that has been transformed into the new Creta with an investment of only Rs. 16,000! Let’s find out how.

Facelifted Creta

The Creta facelift comes with a few minor changes on the exterior and new additional features in the cabin. While adding new features can be tricky, the changes on the outside are very limited. The new Creta gets new bumpers, a new grille and minor changes at the rear. This video shows how to change the parts to make your vehicle look like the new facelifted version.

The video explains that the bumper that comes with the new Creta can be fitted directly to the hooks of the pre-facelift model. The bumper is priced at Rs. 1,500 and has to be painted to match the body colour, which is additional Rs. 1,500. The bumper inserts do not need painting and they can be bought at Rs. 1,500 from any Hyundai service workshop. The major expensive parts used in the conversion are the fog lamps. Both the fog lamps cost Rs. 10,000 together. Even the grille has been updated to the new only and it is also priced at Rs. 1,500. In total, it will take you around Rs. 16,000 to buy the parts and a few more to fit the new parts.

Old Hyundai Creta to NEW Creta for just Rs. 16K: This video explains how

The rear of the new stays quite identical to the pre-facelifted version. The video does not show any changes to the rear of the vehicle. However, if one wants to change the rear, it can be done to get the exact look of the facelifted Creta. However, on the inside, the new Creta gets a lot of new features including a wireless mobile charger. These features cannot be retrofitted in the vehicle but there are accessories in the market that can do exactly the same job. So if you’re feeling disheartened by the arrival of the facelifted Creta and wanted to change the old look to the new one, the answer is right here.

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