Old Hyundai i20 repainted in BMW’s Tanzanite Blue: Looks brand new [Video]

Everyone understands that new cars are getting expensive each day and in this fast-changing world scenario where new cars get launched every other day, maintaining an older car makes a lot more sense. A lot of people have taken note of this situation and are taking advantage of this by repainting and refurbishing their old vehicles with brand-new paint jobs and body kits to give them a refreshed look. In the most example of this, an old Elite I20 was painted from its OEM factory red color to a stunning-looking shade of Tanzanite Blue from German luxury carmaker BMW.

The video of the transformation of this Hyundai I20 has been shared on YouTube by Brotomotiv. The company is a Pune-based auto body repair shop that has gained popularity for painting cars better than OEM. The video starts with the before shots of the car from all angles showing the damaged parts. Following this one of the owners of the shop then introduces the vehicle and states that the car will be painted in BMW’s Tanzanite Blue color. Moving on he then reveals that although the car may be looking good from the outside it’s far from that.

He goes on to point out the flaws of the car starting with the major dents and dings. He states that the car has got big dents on almost all body panels and the panels are not even. The presenter mentions that they will have to repair each and every issue before giving its full paint job. He also points out that the car has been previously painted as well and the quality of the work is not up to par. There is a lot of haziness in the paint on the bonnet and both the fenders and even the doors as well.

Old Hyundai i20 repainted in BMW’s Tanzanite Blue: Looks brand new [Video]

Following this, the process of stripping the car gets started and all the body parts get removed including the headlights, taillights, and door cards. The technicians then also apply paint remover on to the panels and strip of the paint to start the process of dent removal. The video then shows the technicians pulling out all the dents with specialized equipment and following this the car then gets washed before putty filing.

The body filler putty is then applied to the car and it then gets sanded till smooth. Following this, the car gets primered and finally enters the paint booth. The painter then paints the entire car in Tanzanite Blue and finally, the reassembly of the car takes place. The technicians then wet sand the entire once again before polishing the car. At last, after the polishing, the windows are cleaned and the car is presented. The owner mentions one important point at the end that many people ask why is their paint job so expensive as compared to the dealerships or the factory. To this, he replies that the OEMs usually work on new body panels and they have to work on old panels that need a lot of repairing he concludes by saying that both are very different industries and that is why their work is so expensive.