Old Mahindra Scorpio modified to look like the current-gen model

While several new-generation offerings in the premium compact and midsize SUV segment have launched recently, the Mahindra Scorpio continues to command a strong demand. The Scorpio feels under-equipped and utilitarian compared to the new-generation SUVs at the same price. However, it still brings in decent numbers for Mahindra due to its rugged appeal, good road presence and reliable mechanicals.

Here, we have come across a video, in which a buyer has customized his older version of the Scorpio to make it look like a current-gen model. In a YouTube video uploaded by ‘The Car Garage’, we can see a 2011 model of Mahindra Scorpio being modified, which eventually gives it the appearance of the currently-available Scorpio. There have been extensive changes made on the outside to give it the visual appeal of the new model.

The modification process starts from the front, where the old front fascia is discarded by removing the front bumper, side fenders, headlamps and grille. The front cross members of the frame are altered to accommodate the new body panels. Alongside transforming the front profile of the Scorpio, the tailgate of the Scorpio is also replaced with that of the new model. The front bonnet goes under the hammer to give it more prominent creases and a centrally placed air scoop, much like the current-gen Scorpio.

Gets a new shade of paint as well

Old Mahindra Scorpio modified to look like the current-gen model

After all the necessary modifications to the body panels and frame, the Scorpio is given a new paint shade of black, as opposed to its original shade of white. Finally, the new headlamps with projectors and daytime running LEDs, customized grille, new bumper with fog lamps and newer tail lamps are fitted on the Scorpio.

The changes mentioned above make this good-old Mahindra Scorpio look different from the older model. However, while extensive changes are made to the exterior of the SUV, there are no changes done to its cabin and interior upholstery. In addition, no other mechanical changes are carried to the engine, which is a 2.2-litre 120 bhp four-cylinder diesel engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The current-gen Mahindra Scorpio is set to get a new successor in the form of an all-new generation model, which is supposed to be bigger and much more premium than the current model. The new model is expected to be based on a ladder-on-frame chassis but will have plusher looking exterior and interior. Based on various spy pictures of the new-gen Mahindra Scorpio being tested in recent times, we can safely say that the new version is getting more premium features like LED projector headlamps, sunroof and newer machined alloy wheels.

The cabin too will be more upmarket in appearance, with more contemporary features like automatic climate control, touchscreen infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, newer multi-functional steering wheel, push start-stop button and leather upholstery. Expect the new Scorpio to come with new-generation petrol and diesel powertrains from the Thar. The current iteration of the Scorpio gets only a diesel-manual combination.