Old Mahindra Thar rescues Tractor & Toyota Fortuner [Video]

Off-roading with SUVs is fun if done right. Getting stuck while off-roading is part of the fun and with right equipment and vehicles, stuck vehicles can be brought out from such situations without any major issues. We have featured many videos of SUVs going off-road, getting stuck and later getting rescued by other SUVs or back up vehicles. Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, Maruti Gypsy and Mahindra Thar are some of the most commonly seen SUVs in such videos. Here we have a video where an old generation Mahindra Thar rescues a tractor and a Toyota Fortuner SUV which got stuck while off-roading.

The video has been shared by Anshuman Bishnoi on their YouTube channel. The video shows a tractor that got stuck in mud after it slipped from a narrow mud road. As it was raining, the mud got sticky and the tractor driver was unable to drive the it out. The older generation Mahindra Thar then comes to the rescue. First, it ties a rope to the rear of the tractor and tries to pull it out of th slushy pit. The Mahindra Thar tries to pull the tractor out from the pit from the rear but, it was not very successful. The tractor did move back but, it was unable to come out from the pit.

There were locals who came to help the tractor driver along with the Mahindra Thar. Once the Thar pulled the tractor from the rear, he moved removed the rope and tied it to the front of the tractor and started pulling it out. After several attempts, the tractor came out. After the tractor was rescued, Mahindra Thar went to recover a Toyota Fortuner which got stuck while off-roading. As it was raining, the track on which the group usually does off-roading was sticky and slippery. The fortuner driver did not realise that there was a steep slope on his left and the front wheels ended there.

Old Mahindra Thar rescues Tractor & Toyota Fortuner [Video]

The rear right tyre was in air and the SUV was unable to pull itself out as there is no traction. Mahindra Thar once again reached the spot for the rescue and after looking at the Fortuner, Thar driver decided to pull the SUV out from the rear. Once again, Mahindra Thar ties the rope to the rear of the Fortuner and starts pulling it out. Toyota Fortuner is much more heavy when compared to Mahindra Thar so, the Fortuner driver was also accelerating the car to offer assistance. Fortuner started making progress slowly and within seconds, it was free and all four wheels were on the ground. It looks like the Mahindra Thar was the back up or recovery vehicle of the group as the video also shows Thar recovering a Maruti Gypsy which was stuck on a sticky mud track. It is always a good idea to have a back up vehicle while going off-road. In case your vehicle gets damaged or stuck, you can rely on the back up vehicle to get your vehicle out. Recovery equipment should also be carried during such trips.