Old man pours diesel on his Tata Harrier to make Instagram reels: DCP orders action [Video]

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and recently, we have been witnessing people going to any extent to create viral content. In many cases, we observe individuals violating rules or causing inconvenience to others on the road. Law enforcement officers often take action against such individuals. One of the latest videos comes from Noida in Uttar Pradesh. The video depicts an elderly man pouring fuel on a car, all in an attempt to create a viral video for Instagram. Following the circulation of the video online, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) for Noida has ordered action against the person involved.

In the video, an elderly person can be seen holding the nozzle of a fuel dispenser in his hand. Adjacent to the dispenser is a Tata Harrier parked, and it is important to note that the elderly man is not a staff member at the fuel station; he is, in fact, the owner of the Harrier. The brief video that is circulating online shows the man pouring fuel onto the vehicle rather than filling the tank. He carelessly spills the fuel onto the car’s surface. As the vehicle is a Tata Harrier and thus runs on diesel fuel, the video clearly captures the fuel spilling over a wide area.

From the video, it is evident that the man’s intention was not to refuel the tank but rather to pose for the video, even as diesel was being wasted by falling onto the ground. Additionally, diesel is also seen spilling onto the SUV’s tire due to the careless handling of the nozzle. Within the same video, a staff member from the petrol station can be observed wiping the fender of the Harrier using a cloth. The video unequivocally demonstrates the person’s wasteful use of fuel. Subsequently, once the video gained viral attention, the Deputy Commissioner of Police for Noida initiated an investigation into the matter and directed officers to take action against the individual.

Old man pours diesel on his Tata Harrier to make Instagram reels: DCP orders action [Video]
Harrier owner spilling diesel

Given that fuels like petrol and diesel are highly inflammable, engaging in such stunts solely for the purpose of creating videos is profoundly irresponsible. The individual in the video was spilling fuel in an open area, namely a fuel station. Even a minor spark from any nearby vehicle could have easily triggered a fire. Past incidents have demonstrated that accidents can occur when motorcycles are being refueled, leading to fires caused by even the slightest error. At times, mobile phones themselves pose a threat in such scenarios. The registration number of the Tata Harrier seen in the video is also included in the tweet.

It remains unclear whether the police have successfully apprehended the offender. Presently, there is no clarity regarding the actions that will be taken against the individual involved. This incident is not the first of its kind; last month, a video emerged depicting a man pouring petrol over his motorcycle for an Instagram reel. In this case, the Tata Harrier driver was not only wasting fuel but also jeopardizing his own life and the lives of others present at the petrol station during the incident. Fortunately, no harm befell the vehicle or the individuals at the fuel station.