Old man starting a diesel Bullet is winning the Internet

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. Royal Enfield which is now one of the most popular motorcycle brand in India had a variety of models in the past and even now, they are working on a variety of new models. Along with the regular Bullet motorcycle, they also had a motorcycle which came with a diesel engine. The diesel version of the Bullet was discontinued in 2000 but, even today these motorcycles can be found in rural parts of India. It was the only mass produced diesel motorcycle in the market. It was known as diesel Taurus and here we have a video where an old man starting a diesel bullet.

The video has been uploaded by royalenfieldholic on their Instagram page. The video is going viral on internet as it shows an old man starting  diesel bullet motorcycle. In this video the old man is seen pushing the diesel bullet on the road and then he sits on it to kickstart the motorcycle. The new Royal Enfield motorcycles come with electric start but this is a 1992 model motorcycle which comes with none of these. The old man sits on the motorcycle and starts attempting to start the motorcycle.

Old Royal Enfield motorcycles were notorious for the kickbacks. The old man then starts pushing the kickstarter with his leg and the kicker does come back in force at one point. After that, he checks the choke and starts the motorcycle. The motorcycle starts and the iconic diesel engine sound of the motorcycle can be heard in the video. The motorcycle is not looking in mint condition. It looks like the original sticker work on the motorcycle has been completely stripped down and it has been repainted in black.  Diesel Taurus was also the most fuel efficient motorcycle from Royal Enfield. Unlike other motorcycles and scooters, diesel Taurus does not gulp a lot of fuel. It had a claimed fuel economy of 86 kmpl which was more than any other motorcycle available on sale at that time.

Old man starting a diesel Bullet is winning the Internet

The motorcycle was powered by a 325-cc Greaves-Lombardini indirect injection, single cylinder diesel engine. It generated 6.5 Bhp and 15 Nm of peak torque. The high fuel efficiency and low running cost of the motorcycle made it popular among buyers from rural areas. Like other Royal Enfield motorcycles, Taurus was also a heavy motorcycle at 196 kilogram. The motorcycle was meant for fuel efficiency which means the top speed of the motorcycle was 65 kmph. It is said that even after Royal Enfield discontinued Taurus from the market, it was still produced by a tractor manufacturer from Punjab. Sooraj Tractors made this motorcycle with minor cosmetic changes.

Modern day Royal Enfield motorcycles have come a long way. They are now way more refined and fuel efficient that ever before (not as fuel efficient as Taurus). Royal Enfield Hunter was recently launched in the market and they are also working on new models like Himalayan 450, Shotgun 650, Super Meteor and also the next-generation Royal Enfield Bullet 350 in the market.