Old man starting an old Royal Enfield Cast Iron Bullet is so satisfying to watch [Video]

Royal Enfield has always enjoyed immense popularity among riders in India and around the world. As the world’s oldest continuously operating two-wheeler manufacturer, they offer a diverse range of models. However, it’s the Bullet and Classic series that have garnered a devoted following. These two motorcycles stand as some of Royal Enfield’s most beloved offerings, primarily due to their retro aesthetics. While modern motorcycles commonly feature electric start functionality, the older models solely relied on kickstarts. This meant that starting an old Cast Iron Bullet could be a daunting task for many riders. Nevertheless, we have a video showcasing the impressive skill of an elderly gentleman flawlessly kickstarting a Royal Enfield Cast Iron Bullet.

Old man starting an old Royal Enfield Cast Iron Bullet is so satisfying to watch [Video]
Old man starting Royal Enfield motorcycle

The video has been shared by Sayed.Omer.Siddique on his Instagram page. It features an elderly individual seated on a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle. Starting an older motorcycle, particularly a Bullet, can be quite challenging. Old Royal Enfield motorcycles were notorious for their kickbacks, making it important to be cautious during the starting process. Without proper familiarity with the Bullet’s starting technique, one may risk injuring their right leg.

As the video begins, the elderly man on the motorcycle gradually pushes the kicker halfway down. He proceeds to insert the ignition key and adjusts the motorcycle’s choke, fine-tuning the settings. Subsequently, he gently depresses the kicker. Unfortunately, the motorcycle fails to start on the first attempt. However, in the second try, the elderly gentleman skillfully pushes the kicker down, and the motorcycle engine springs to life. It is not uncommon to witness individuals exerting significant effort when starting an old Royal Enfield motorcycle. Due to the inherent risks involved, many are understandably apprehensive about undertaking this task. The kickbacks experienced with these motorcycles were incredibly hazardous.

Yet, in this video, the seasoned old man appears to have a deep familiarity with the motorcycle, likely from years of use. If you observe closely, he exudes a remarkable sense of calm and composure throughout the starting process. Perhaps, through countless experiences, he has discovered a method to initiate the motorcycle with minimal exertion. The entire performance is truly gratifying to witness, as he accomplishes the task effortlessly.

The motorcycle featured in this video is a cast iron engine Bullet, distinct from the models currently available in the market. Present-day engines have significantly reduced weight and increased fuel efficiency compared to their predecessors. Royal Enfield motorcycles now come equipped with the convenience of an electric start feature. In fact, many manufacturers have almost entirely phased out kickstarts from their motorcycles. Even Royal Enfield offers models like the Meteor 350 that do not include a kickstart. In compliance with updated emission regulations, the iconic thumping sound traditionally associated with Royal Enfield motorcycles has been toned down.

Last year, Royal Enfield introduced the latest iteration of the Classic 350 motorcycle in the market. This new generation model is built upon a fresh platform and incorporates a revamped 350-cc engine. The engine now boasts improved smoothness and refinement, resulting in reduced vibrations when compared to its predecessors. Additionally, Royal Enfield is currently engaged in developing a variety of motorcycles for the market

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