This old Maruti Baleno sedan wants to be a Ford Mustang!

Modification is an art and we have seen several beautifully modified cars in the country and around the world. One of the most common type of modification seen in cars in India are aftermarket alloy wheels and body kits. Some go for subtle changes whereas some give their cars and bikes a wild look. Some of them even modify their car to look like a supercar. We have seen several wanna be cars in the past and have featured some of them on our website as well. Here we have one such modified car that wants to be a sportscar. The modified car that you see in the pictures is actually a Baleno sedan that wants to be a Ford Mustang.

The images have been shared by rajcustoms_rattewalia on their Instagram page. This not their first project and have done several modifications in the past.

The wannabe Mustang seen in the pictures actually started its life as a humble Maruti Baleno sedan. Raj Customs initially stripped the car before starting the work.

After that, they started fabricating metal panels for the Mustang replica. The rear doors on the Baleno have been removed and it is now officially a 2-door car like Mustang. Raj Customs tried giving it a sloping roof treatment to resemble the original Mustang but, it still is far away from a Mustang replica. We appreciate the amount of time and effort took to build this Mustang replica. One of the reason why it could never replicate the actual look of a Mustang because the panels are all handmade.

First is the looks, it looks like a Mustang from some angle but, a person who knows about car will easily tell you that it is a replica. The bonnet gets two scoops at the front and there is a wide grille with Mustang logo on it. Moving to the side profile, it gets multi-spoke alloy wheels and the rear has a Ford Mustang like lip spoiler and tail lamps. They have even tried to quad pipe exhausts and it is not known whether it is functional or not.

The main benefit of getting cars modified from such garages is that, they are comparatively cheap. If the owner would have gone for a body kit then that would have costed him a fortune. The car is so modified that you can hardly figure out that it actually is a Baleno underneath. Is it a modified car, yes we would definitely say that and Raj Customs has done good job modifying it but, it is still very far from to be called as a Mustang replica.