Old Maybach vs new Maybach: What’s more luxurious? [Video]

Maybach is without any doubt, the most luxurious saloons sold by Mercedes-Benz around the world. It is filled to the brim with creature comforts and that is what makes it special. It competes with super luxury brands like Rolls Royce and Bentley in the segment. Here we have a video that does a comparison between an old Maybach and a new one to find out which one is worth buying. The models used here in the video is a 2007 Maybach 57s and a 2020 Maybach S560.

The video has been uploaded by Throttle House on their youtube channel. The video does a comparison between both the models to find out which one is more luxurious. The video starts by comparing the exterior. Both the cars looks very good and definitely look very expensive. The 2020 version of the Maybach S560 misses out on the Maybach logo in the front and looks simply like a more expensive S-class. The 2007 model on the other hand looks very quite different and has an identity of its own.

The older version is almost 13 years old and still doesn’t feel dated. It still has all the elements that give it an expensive saloon look. More than that, one of the point that presenters point out in the video is that if anyone wants to buy a Maybach he can have the 2007 model at almost half the price of the 2020 model.

Moving inside, as mentioned above, each Maybach is manufactured to provide utmost comfort to the passenger and driver. It has massager function on front and rear seats. The seats are reclinable, dedicates entertainment screens, chiller, foldable laptop tables and other functions are available. The older version or the 2007 model does not offer some features like a Magic sky in comparison to the 2020 model. Layout of the cabin is definitely different on both the cars but, even then the older version offers almost all the features that is there in the new version.

Old Maybach vs new Maybach: What’s more luxurious? [Video]

Both the cars are equally comfortable and offer next level experience when it comes to ride comfort. The 2007 model uses a bi-turbo V12 engine which generates approximately 1000 Nm of torque. The S560 on the other hand used here in the video gets a bi-turbo V8. Maybach definitely a very large vehicle that weighs a lot too but, even after that, both vehicles can easily do 0-100 kmph sprint is under 5 seconds which is very impressive. The video doesn’t give a conclusion on which version feels more luxurious as they are confused but, given the fact that the 2007 model misses out on very less features and can be had for half the price, they do have a soft corner for that.

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