Old, run down Toyota Innova completely transformed [Video]

There is barely any other MPV in India that has had the amount of influence and glory that the Toyota Innova has had in India ever since its launch. The first generation of the Innova was launched back in 2005 to replace the aging Qualis and ever since then, the car has become an icon in the Indian subcontinent. One of the major reasons for the success of this MPV is its reliability and because of this, even the first-generation models of this car are still running strong. For this reason, people have still not discarded them and are continuously using them. In order to revamp their old Innova into new later generation models there are a number of conversion kits available and a lot of people are now doing this to refresh their cars.

In this latest video of refreshing a Toyota Innova a first-generation type 1 Innova gets converted into a type 4 Innova and the video of this conversion has been uploaded on YouTube by Autorounders. The owner of the shop first introduces the rusty old Toyota Innova type 1 and reveals that the car in is a pretty rough shape and needs a ton of work. The presenter then tells that because the car has not been in use for a while the car has got screws all over the place to hold parts on the body of the car. He then states that the car will get converted into type 4 and the bonnet, grille, headlights, bumper, fenders and other various elements will be changed.

He then adds that they will also fix all the dents and will give the car a complete new paint job. They will add all-new alloy wheels as well. And the color that will be painting this car will be BMW’s Donington Grey color that looks extremely rich and classy. In this video a proper sequence of processes have not been shown and before this announcement of color the video shows that the car gets all the dents removed and it gets sanded and primer-ed. The presenter in the meantime addresses a major question.

Old, run down Toyota Innova completely transformed [Video]

He states that a ton of people ask why does it take so much time for them to build cars. He mentions that the job of painting a car is not so straightforward they have to repair each and every panel of the car to perfection before painting and this takes a lot of time and effort and in the meantime things get expensive.

Following this the car then gets completely painted. Later the interior upholstery behind the scenes are shown in the video and finally the car gets completely transformed into a new type 4. The presenter then explains that the headlights and the taillights of the car have also been replaced with all-new LED units. The presenter also shows the white interior of the car that they have completely revamped. He states that although it may be a little harder to maintain it looks absolutely stunning.