Mechanic attempts to start a 1997 model Tata Sumo after 12 years [Video]

Tata Motors launched several iconic models in the market. One such vehicle that was popular among Indian buyers in the 90s was the Tata Sumo, launched by Tata Motors in 1994. The Sumo quickly gained popularity among buyers for its utilitarian design and practicality, and several government agencies used it as an official vehicle for years. The name of the MUV was not inspired by the Sumo wrestler but rather by the brand’s former Managing Director, Mr. Sumant Moolgaokar. Finding a Tata Sumo on the road these days is a challenging task as it has been discontinued from the market. However, we have a video where a group of mechanics attempts to start a Tata Sumo that has been parked in a porch for over 12 years.

The video has been uploaded by Yathra Today on their YouTube channel. In this video, a vlogger and his friend visit a house where a Tata Sumo has been parked for the last 12 years. One of his subscribers had told the vlogger about this Sumo, and he took up the challenge and visited the house where the MUV was parked.

The condition of the Sumo was pathetic. There was dust all over the car along with dried leaves and one of the window of the Sumo was left open which meant dust was inside the cabin as well. The owner mentioned that they had moved to a new house and since then the car was not used. Vlogger takes key from the owner and opens the door. Rust is visible on most of the panels. Vlogger opens the door and bonnet. After opening the bonnet carefully, they check radiator for water and also the dip stick for engine oil level.

There was engine oil in the car, but the radiator was completely dry. They filled the radiator and removed the old battery from the car, which was completely discharged. They were carrying a new battery with them. There was still some fuel left in the tank, and the vlogger and his friend started pumping the fuel in an attempt to start the car. They tried the same thing several times, but it was of no use. The quality of diesel that had been lying inside the tank had deteriorated over the years, so they removed it.

Mechanic attempts to start a 1997 model Tata Sumo after 12 years [Video]
1997 model Tata Sumo

They came up with a temporary solution where the pump was taking fuel from an external tank instead of the one in the car’s tank. After this, they removed the fuel injector pipes and checked for any possible blockages. Thankfully, the pipes were all good. Even after cleaning and fixing so many things, the Tata Sumo was not showing any positive signs. The vlogger played around with some more things in the engine bay, and finally, the engine started.

The owner was happy to see the car start. Thick black smoke was coming out from the exhaust. The vlogger attempted to move the car forward and managed to do it successfully. He then parked the MUV back in the porch. The Sumo was in working condition, but the body panels required attention, as most of them had rusted.