Indians begin building their own ‘New Mahindra Thars’ thanks to super long waiting period

Mahindra launched the all-new second-generation Thar in the Indian market last year in October. Since then, the popularity and the demand for the all-new Thar have only increased. With the waiting period almost crossing the 1-year mark in many cities, there are many who are waiting to get their hands on the vehicle. Well, a few people have also started conversion jobs where they are modifying the old Thar SUVs to look like the second-generation model.

Indians begin building their own ‘New Mahindra Thars’ thanks to super long waiting period

Jeep Life India has started modification on an old Mahindra Thar to convert it to the new model look-alike. While the details are sparse and we are not sure the exact model year of this vehicle, there are a few things that we can gather from the picture posted by them online.

To make the old Thar look like the new one, significant changes are done to the body. Almost every part of the front-end is almost new and customised. The crude version of the all-new Thar shows that it gets a new bonnet and new windshield frame too. The roof of the vehicle must have gone through changes for this.

The fenders are all customised to match the look of the all-new Thar. Even the bumper is customised and is made up of metal. front grille, however, is the aftermarket Jeep-inspired angry-bird grille.

Concept model

This is a concept model and the future models will be different. Jeep Life plans to use the OEM fenders, bumpers and most other parts once they are available in the open market. Currently, due to the supply crunch of the spare parts, there are not enough in the open market. Once the parts are available in the market, they will use the OEM parts.

According to the information available, only galvanised sheet metal and fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) are used to custom make the new parts of the vehicle. But again, whenever the OEM parts are available, such customised parts will not be used.

The vehicle is not ready yet and we are also not sure about the expected price of this conversion job. However, since it requires a lot of changes and customisations, the costs depending on the level of customisation. There are many garages in India that convert old Innovas to the newer Type 4 and some of them even started converting the regular Fortuner into the newly launched Legender.

Are these legal?

Technically, since the structure of the body is altered, this Thar is not legal on public roads. However, if the changes are limited to only the bumpers and grille, without altering the body of the vehicle, it can be legal as per the rules. However, most police officers would not get to know about such transformation jobs if the finishing is good enough.