Old Toyota Fortuner converted to Toyota Fortuner Legender on video

Toyota Fortuner has been leading the three-row SUV market since it was first introduced in the Indian market. Toyota’s vehicles are so reliable that they are still working despite doing lakhs of kilometres. Here, we have the first generation of Fortuner that has been converted to Fortuner Legender.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Raahee. The SUV is in pretty rough shape considering it has been doing duty for so long. There is damage on the bumpers and the headlamps have also started to turn yellow now. This Fortuner will be converted to the Fortuner Legender. So, that means many body panels would need to change.

The host also shows us the interior. We can see that the front passenger seat has been removed. The seat covers are torn and the door panels have been taken off. The roof liner has also been removed.

Old Toyota Fortuner converted to Toyota Fortuner Legender on video

After the modification, one can easily mistake it for the original Fortuner Legender. The hood, bumper, grille, LED headlamps and the front fenders have been changed. Damping has been done on all doors as well as the bonnet. The speakers have also been changed. They are now sourced from Alpine. The door pads now get leatherette inserts. The flooring has also been changed.

The stock roof liner has been replaced with a star light liner. The seats are also customized and get a quilted pattern. The upholstery is now finished in tan brown but the dashboard is still grey and beige. The rear seats have been replaced with recliners that come with pillows and armrest. The rear occupants also get their own entertainment units. The shop has also installed ambient lighting and an after-market touchscreen infotainment system.

Old Toyota Fortuner converted to Toyota Fortuner Legender on video

The shop took 15 days to complete the conversion project. The whole SUV has been repainted. It gets a dual-tone paint finish. So, the pillars and roof are now finished in black. The alloy wheels are the same but now they blacked-out. At the rear, the only change is the new set of after-market LED tail lamps.

The Fortuner now also gets a 360-degree parking camera which makes it easier to park the vehicle in tight parking spaces. An amplifier has also been installed. The steering wheel has also been leather-wrapped. The armrest has also been modified and wrapped in soft-touch material.

The SUV has already covered 1.5 lakh kilometres and yet the owner decided that he would like to customize it instead of selling it. Toyota vehicles are known to be reliable and have a low cost of maintenance. The Fortuner is no different. Earlier, we covered an Innova Crysta that was able to clock more than 10 lakh kilometres on the odometer. a

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