Old Toyota Innova gets super luxurious interiors in an incredible transformation [Video]

The Toyota Innova has been around for ages now and it has cemented its name as the best MPV in the country. Even the first-generation models that were launched in 2005 are still running strong after all these years. And for this reason, the owners of these old-gen models are now getting them converted into newer-gen models. In the most recent video of such conversion a first-gen model has been completely revamped with a fourth-gen body kit and one of the biggest highlights of this model is the luxurious interior.

In the most recent conversion video of the Toyota Innova uploaded by AutoRounders on their YouTube channel, they give this particular model a brand new dual-tone exterior paint job and a completely new interior. The video starts with the B-roll of the car at midnight. The beauty shots show the MPV from all angles at night and also show the highly customized interiors.

Following this, the main video starts where the owner of the shop introduces the car before the work begins. He mentions that the unique thing about this model is that it has come all the way from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh to their shop in Mumbai. He then tells that the model has already been transformed into type 4 from type 1. He explains that the current golden color of the car will be changed to dual tone colors of red and black. He tells that the top half will be painted black and the lower half will painted in the shade of Garnet Red.

The owner of the shop then also explains that the color change is completely legal and the owner has already taken permission from the RTO in Madhya Pradesh. He further elaborates that the Madhya Pradesh RTO’s process is a little different and it gives the special permission of changing to color to the specific body shop where the work will be carried out. He adds that they have received all the necessary papers from Madhya Pradesh RTO’s office to change the color of the car and this was all coordinated by the owner and the shop.

Old Toyota Innova gets super luxurious interiors in an incredible transformation [Video]

Following the explanation, the dismantling process of the car begins and the car then gets completely stripped. The process of removing all the dents in the body and filling them with putty and sanding starts. The car then gets a full spray of primer and later goes into the paint booth. The Innova then gets painted in black for the top half and then after masking the black portion it gets sprayed in Garnet Red color. Following this the interior modification process is shown.

The car gets red suede seat covers and suede headliner. It also gets Rolls Royce like Starlight headliner which has configurable LED lights. In addition the door cards, dashboard and other elements of the interior gets painted and wrapped in leather and suede. The interior of the MPV also gets ambient lighting around the dashboard and cup holders along with illuminated scuff plates. The steering wheel also gets swapped out for the Innova Crysta steering.