Old Toyota Innova beautifully modified with a custom made Lexus Kit

Toyota Innova is one of the most popular MPVs in the country. It has been present in the market for over 15 years and the popularity has never come down. It is known for its comfortable ride quality, reliability and low cost of maintenance. There are several examples of first generation Toyota Innova that are still on the road and have done lakhs of kilometers on the odometer. Customers often modify the old generation Innova as they get bored of the looks. There are numerous options available for that we have featured some of them in the past. Here we have a video that show how an old Toyota Innova gets beautifully modified with a Lexus Kit.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. The video starts with the vlogger showing the condition of the car when it had arrived at the garage. The silver colour MPV had started showing age and even the interiors on the Innova had worn out. Autorounder modify the car into a Type 4 Innova that is installed with a custom made body kit.

After modification, vlogger shows all the modifications and upgrades that are done to the SUV. The main noticeable difference at the front is the grille. The stock grille has been replaced with a custom made Lexus type grille. The grille has been made by Autorounders only. The body kit on this Innova is also a custom made unit. The headlights have been replaced with projector LED units. They now come with integrated dual purpose LED DRLs. Moving down, the bumper gets projector LED fog lamps too.

Old Toyota Innova beautifully modified with a custom made Lexus Kit

All the chrome elements on the Innova have been removed and replaced with gloss black units. Moving to the side profile, there are aftermarket alloy wheels from Italian brand Momo. The wheels wrapped with 16 inch tyres. There are side skirts with black inserts and a door cladding with chrome inserts on it. Moving to the rear, the stock tail lamps have been replaces with aftermarket all-LED units. There is a chrome applique with reflectors running across the boot between the tail lights. The whole car has been repainted in a paint booth to achieve factory finish.

The stock bumper on the Toyota Innova has also been replaced with the custom made Lexus kit bumper. Moving inside, Autorounders have completely redone the interiors. When this Innova had come for work, the upholstery were all torn and was showing its age. Experts at Autorounders took all that out and replaced it with beige colour interiors that looks premium on the car. The cabin looks a lot more airy now. They even reworked on the roof liner and installed genuine leather on the steering wheel. The old infotainment system was replaced with a new Android touchscreen infotainment screen with several features.

Overall the work done on this Innova looks very neat. Autorounders have done several projects of similar kind in the past and this is one of their recent projects. If anyone is interested in modifying their vehicles, they can directly get in touch with Autorounders on 7666930930.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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