Old Toyota Innova refurbished beautifully, inside-out [Video]

The Toyota Innova has been the most successful premium MPV in India since its launch in February 2005. Known for its comfort and reliability, the model has seen six generations over the years. Thanks to its reliability, even the first and second-generation models of this MPV continue to run smoothly. Some owners are now refurbishing them into later-generation models by upgrading them with body kits and other accessories. Recently, another video of an Innova conversion was shared on YouTube.

The video is courtesy of Autorounders, who have professional body shops across Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad. In the video, the owner of the shop explains that a type 2 Innova has come to their shop for conversion into a type 4 model. The customer of this particular Innova stated that as the engine and mechanicals of the car were solid, he did not want to sell the car. He added that he also did not want to spend a fortune on it.

The owner of the shop then explains that, in general, they do a lot of extensive jobs in their shops on Innovas, which can be quite expensive. However, with this Innova, they wanted to show what they can do on a budget. He then explains that this type of job, in which a type 2 Innova is converted into type 4, requires 18-20 parts to be changed. Customers can also ask for upgrades in these parts, such as changing the headlights to LED projector headlamps, the taillamps to LED ones, and the fog lamps to three-colored lights, etc. The owner stated that this Innova was optioned with all these upgrades and some more features.

Old Toyota Innova refurbished beautifully, inside-out [Video]

Following this, the video shows the car being completely disassembled from the front, back, and inside. The technicians then start fixing all the damaged body parts and add glazing putty on the panels. They then smooth out the entire car by hand and machine sanding and then spray a layer of primer. After this, the car goes into the paint booth. The owner of the shop then explains that they only use premium quality materials for paint that come from Germany and France. Following this, the car gets painted in the Innova Crysta’s Silver color.

After the paint job is finished, the car gets assembled with its customized interior. The owner of the shop explains that not much has been done to the interior of this particular Innova. He mentions that the seat covers have been changed on this car with composite leather material, and they have added ambient lighting as well. The car is then shown from all angles, and a huge difference can be noted. The owner of the shop in the video mentions that this budget job carries a total cost of Rs 2 lakh. Some of the added features of this Innova also included black painted alloy wheels, illuminated Innova badging on the rear decklid and three colored fog lamps. Overall the car came out fantastic and looked like a brand new type 4 Innova.