Old Toyota Qualis MPV beautifully restored on video

Toyota Qualis was one of the first product that Toyota had launched in Indian market. It was introduced in the Indian market back in 2000 and was available on sale for 4 years. Toyota Qualis quickly became popular among buyers from both private and commercial sector. Toyota Qualis competed with cars like Mahindra Bolero and Tata Sumo in the segment. It was discontinued from the market in 2004 because Toyota was launching the Innova. Now finding a Toyota Qualis on road is a rare sight. Several videos are now surfacing online where old Toyota Qualis can be seen beautifully restored or modified. Here we have one such restoration video of Toyota Qualis.

The video has been uploaded by PVT Autoconcept on their YouTube channel. The video takes us through the whole restoration process. The exterior and interior are all restored to its original state. The video starts by showing the condition of the Qualis when it has arrived at the shop. It had light brown paint on it. As this was an old vehicle, there were scratches and some dents on the body. It is not known whether the Qualis had any rust issues as we did not see any on the video.

All the dents were then corrected using body filler and later excess filler filler was sanded. After this a layer of primer was sprayed on the car. This is done in order to provide a base for the original paint and also protect the body from rust. After a coat of primer was sprayed, the car was completely repainted. The Qualis now gets a gloss black paint job which looks extremely good on the MPV. The new paint job has completely elevated the look of the vehicle.

Old Toyota Qualis MPV beautifully restored on video

After repainting, the front and rear bumper, headlights and tail lights are installed. The stock steel rims on this Qualis were replaced with aftermarket alloy wheels. Along with the exterior, the interior on this Qualis has also been restored. The seats were re-upholstered, the center console, dashboard are all repainted in grey paint. The work done of this old Qualis looks very neat. It looks like a brand new Toyota Qualis after all the work. The video does not mention the time and amount required for this project.

Toyota Qualis is like any other Toyota product is known for its reliable engine. The low cost of maintenance along with a reliable engine made it quite popular among buyers. It also offered a comfortable ride quality which no other car in this segment provided at that time. We had even featured a Toyota Qualis that has completed over 8 lakh kms without any major engine work. The owner had bought it in 2000 when Toyota launched it and is still using it as his daily drive vehicle. Toyota Qualis is powered by a 2.4 litre diesel engine that generated 75 Ps and 151 Nm of peak torque. It was available with a manual gearbox option only. Qualis was a proper MPV and can seat up to 8 passengers in it.