Old tyres can be dangerous, very dangerous; Here’s how

Tyres are the most important part of the car, something that most people don’t understand. It is the single point of contact between you and the road. Old tyres need to be replaced for the following reasons.

Bursts are easier

Tyre burst

As the tyre gets older, it is more prone to bursting. Why? Firstly, they loose the capability of keeping air inside, which means they loose pressure quite easily. This means that if you do not keep a check on it, it can certainly deflate a lot, which could lead to a tyre burst if driven for long distances at higher speeds.

Bursts can be kept in check if you make sure that the tyre is in good condition, the tyre has enough tread and has the right amount of pressure. Unlike what most people think, a tyre with lower pressure causes more bursts than the one with higher pressure.

People who think you should lower the tyre pressure in summer are not doing it right. Always maintain optimum tyre pressure irrespective of the temperature and ensure you fill the tyres when they are cool.

Prone to punctures

Tyre puncture

As the tyre gets older, the tread reduces, which means it is easier for a nail to penetrate the tyre. In addition to that, a tyre that is older is prone to loose more air, which means that it is easier to get punctured. Punctures can put you in sticky situations, especially when they happen at lonely places.

Less grip

Front corner

A tyre which has less tread means it has lesser grip on offer on our roads. Yes, slick tyres provide better grip on the track where there are no undualations, but on our roads which are filled with dirt and dust, a tyre with lesser tread will not be able to provide the desired grip. So don’t think you are a race car driver when your tread reduces, instead get the tyre replaced. Driving with bald tyres can lead to your car skidding out of control. At high speeds, bald tyres burst as they heat up faster but aren’t able to dissipate heat just as quickly.

Poor braking

Brake Fade

As the tyre gets older, the tread reduces which results in poor grip. This grip is not only when cornering, but also when braking as well. Below is a video that showcases the difference between cheap and expensive tyres, so you can imagine how bad it will be on worn out tyres.

Possibility of aquaplaning


Tyres have grooves and treads in order to displace the water on the road. If your car has low tread levels, it will not be able to displace the water from the road. This will result in a layer of water forming under the tyre which will result in the car aquaplaning. Make sure to have new tyres before the start of the rainy season.

Also, when you do buy newer tyres, make sure to opt for the best to help improve performance. Don’t cheap it out. Here is a video showing how cheaper tyres aren’t always the best.