Old Willys Jeep vs Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Thar, Isuzu V-Cross & Ford Endeavour…Who’s the boss? [Video]

The Willys Jeep has remained over the years as one of the dream cars of enthusiasts involved with jeeps and off-roading. That’s because, this vehicle from the yesteryears can still face and complete off-roading obstacles. And then, the design of the Willys CJ3B is timeless. There are many well-maintained examples of the CJ3B in today’s world, but not many get their shoes dirty. Here is a Willys CJ3B jeep from the 1960s, going up against modern SUVs, across off road obstacles.

Who is the boss?

The first obstacle, which is a steep incline with loose dirt, shows various vehicles like the previous generation Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Thar, old generation Ford Endeavour, Isuzu D-Max V-Cross, Maruti Gypsy and the Willys CJ3B trying to climb up and clear the obstacle. Out of these, the V-Cross, Maruti Gypsy and the previous gen Fortuner fail even after repeated attempts. The Willy CJ3B, which was ruling the off-roading sections much before these modern vehicles were even conceptualised, completes the challenge in the second attempt.

The CJ3B was able to climb up the loose surface due to its sand tyres that allowed extra grip and of course, the 4X4 system that supplied power to all the four wheels. One of the most important factors that make the vehicle capable is its driver. The person controlling the steering of the CJ3B made the right wheel turns to get a proper grip whereas the vehicles like Fortuner got stuck in the sand.

Now the version we see here of the Willys CJ3B is powered by an iconic F4-134 Hurricane engine. The 3.0-litre petrol engine produces a maximum of 75 Bhp and around 155 Nm of peak torque when new. Over time, the engine loses compression that in turn ensures power loss. We are not sure about the condition of this Willys but it seems to be in immaculate condition.

The Willys Jeep CJ3B introduced the new Hurricane engine in the market that overcame the problems of low power in the civilian Willys Jeeps at that time. It features an overhead intake valve and valve-in-block exhaust that made it less susceptible to carbon deposits and made it run for years. The SUV can be regarded as the spiritual predecessor of the Mahindra Thar and many people have modified their Thars to look like the CJ3B.

Even though the Willys CJ3B is not the most capable car in the lot, being 50 plus year-old, it sure did the job pretty well and showed everyone who is the real boss. The SUV can prove to be quite capable unless there are situations where more power is needed. Some such obstacles in the video show the Willys CJ3B getting stuck as it doesn’t have enough power to propel it across the obstacles. Be that it as may, the Willys CJ3B still is a great off roading tool.