Watch this old Yamaha RX100 motorcycle getting beautifully restored [Video]

Yamaha RX100 is one such motorcycle that has a very cult following among youngsters. People are crazy about buying these 2 stroke motorcycle and that has increased the value of RX100 in used two-wheeler market. Most of them who buy this motorcycle like to keep ti simple and love to restore it to its original original condition but, just like in any case there are exception in this case too. In the past, we have seen number extremely modified Yamaha RX100 motorcycles across the country. Here we have a video that shows how an old Yamaha RX100 motorcycle has been beautifully restored.

The video has been uploaded by Rockfort Motor Works  on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing the old RX100 which is in a very bad condition. The garage starts taking down every part from the motorcycle. The fuel tank, side panels, front and rear mudguard, headlights, instrument cluster, tail lights, wheels, rims, engine and seat are all taken down and are individually restored.

The stock colour of the bike was black which was a very common colour on this bike. The garage removes the paint from the tank and other panels and coats it with body filler and coat of primer is also put on all the parts. Parts like front forks, chain guard, engine case are also treated the same way. The chassis of this RX100 also gets a paint job and the engine is also repaired.

Watch this old Yamaha RX100 motorcycle getting beautifully restored [Video]

Once the chassis, front forks, and other smaller parts are painted the fuel tank which had a small leak in it was repaired. After fixing the issue, the fuel tank also gets a paint job. This time, the workshop gives it an olive green shade with golden colour pinstriping on it. The side panels also get a similar colour paint job.

Once every part is restored, they start re-assembling the motorcycle. The handlebar gets new hand grips, switch gear, a new instrument cluster and so on. The final product is however a beautiful looking Yamaha RX100  that looks like as if it just rolled out of the production line. The work done on this motorcycle is neat and is one of most beautifully restored RX100s in the country. Such RX100s command very good prices in the used motorcycle market.